• Enjoy the Badi rental experience

    Enjoy the Badi rental experience

    No stress renting, get digital!

    Discover each step of the rental process

    Planning visits in just a few clicks

    Visits can be made either in person or by video call.

    You will not find users, but people.

    Direct, simple and safe, rent your ideal apartment in a matter of days.

    A dedicated team to support you

    Our support team is there for you throughout the entire process.

    Are you a landlord?

    Are you a tenant?


    Advertise your property

    List your property and start receiving booking requests.




    Find your ideal apartment or room

    Start your search


    Create your visit schedule

    Share your availability for visits either at your property or via video call.

    Schedule your visits

    Many visit requests? That's a good sign! You can accept, reschedule or decline them.




    Plan your visit easily

    Before you move in, you can schedule a visit in just a few clicks.

    Send a visit proposal

    Once sent, the landlord will receive your proposal and will be able to confirm it.


    Reply to your booking requests

    Start receiving requests from interested candidates. Accept the requests promptly to rent faster.

    Recommended tenants

    Get personalized recommendations and find the right tenant.




    Send a booking request

    Got your mind made up? Send a booking request to the landlord. One step closer to your dream home.

    Confirm your booking

    Make your booking payment in a secure environment on our platform.