Trust and Safety

Badi was born to help take the stress out of the roommate finding process.

To do that, the badi community needs to be secure, and we make sure it is. Follow our four simple steps to keep safe in your search for the perfect roommate!

  • Stick to the secure chat

    Get to know your potential roommates through the safety of the badi chat. You can do so by simply sending or accepting chat invites for the rooms you like.

  • Pay through badi

    Only ever make an advance payment through our safe Booking system. We strongly advise against using payment methods outside the platform.

  • Get verified

    Verify your profile to generate trust within the community. Only share your contact details such as email or phone number after completing a Booking Request.

  • If it’s suspicious, report it

    We constantly monitor the community. If you see a profile or room that’s suspicious - you can report it. We’ll investigate it quickly and take action if necessary.

Connect safely

At badi, we strive to create and maintain a community where everyone feels safe and respected at each stage of their experience.

Communication with other users

  • Take the time to chat

    Use the secure chat and get to know who you’ll be renting your room to, or from. Try to be as responsive as possible.

  • Know the room

    If you’re looking for a room, review the details of the listing carefully. Are pets accepted? Does the price include bills? Is there a terrace? This should all be set out in the listing.

  • Be transparent

    If you have a room to rent, be transparent from the get go. Include all house rules and amenities in the listing. This will help ensure a smooth experience for each step.

How we keep you safe

  • Strict quality control

    Our dedicated Customer Experience team review new listings each day. They take down any listings that don’t meet our minimum requirements, or that are deemed suspicious.

  • Easy reporting process

    Reporting suspicious users or rooms is quick and easy. We investigate every single report that we receive.

  • Get in touch

    If you have questions or problems of any kind, you can contact us directly. We’re always happy to help and never leave a message unanswered.