0 female
1 male

Preferred roommate

Male or female
18 to 40+ years old

Listed space

Private room

Bed type

Twin or XL Twin bed


From 02 January 2019

Minimum stay 1 month


WifiAir ConditioningHeatingWashing machineDryerFurnished roomNatural lightGarden


1 Room available in a 3 bedroom duplex newly renovated. Lower floor is private (occupied by me). The main floor has 2 bedrooms, bathroom (shared only between the 2 bedroom occupants), kitchen (shared with all occupants) plus access to a massive private garden. It’s basically a 2 bedroom apartment. Located in the burgeoning Bushwick underground Brooklyn scene. It’s the East Village vibe from 20 years ago - very cool and very contemporary. 🕺🏻Bossa Nova Civic Club. 🍻Rebecca’s Bar. 🎧Secret Project Robot. 🍻Mood Ring. 🍻Bizarre. 🎸Market Hotel. 🍻Happy Fun Hideaway. 🎧Elsewhere. 🍻Lone Wolf. 🍻Looking Glass. 🎧Good Sounds Bar. 🍻Boobie Trap. 🍻The Starliner. 🍻The Gateway. 🍕Amazing restaurants like 🥩Juno, 🍳Le Garage, 🌮La Lupe Cantina, 🥪Little Skips, 🍔Brooklyn Whiskers, ☕️Sunrise/Sunset. 🍕Santa Panza. 🥗Leaf Restaurant. 🍜Little Mo. 🍕Archie’s Pizza. 🍜Lucy’s Kitchen. 🍕Pizza Party. ☕️Hearts Coffee. 🍔Concrete. 🌮La Lupe Cantina. 🛍 Northern Lights Records. 👞East Village Shoe Repair. 👕Drty Smmr. 👖L Train Vintage. 🎼FirstLive Recording Studio.


Evergreen Ave, New York, United States

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