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General info
How are Badi Rooms apartments different from hotels?

Badi Rooms offers personalised turn-key rooms, studios & apartments. Instead of generic accommodation, each Badi Rooms space is custom-designed and includes the comforts of home that a hotel simply can not. We believe in offering an experience, as shown in our intentional design and prime locations, rather than just a place to stay.

What are the minimum and maximum lengths of stay at Badi Rooms?

You can rent any room for as little as 32-nights and as long as 11 months, renewable at the end of your contract.

How much in advance can I book on Badi Rooms?

There are no time requirements for bookings. You can proceed with the reservation if you find a room available.

Can I book a monthly rental abroad as a foreigner?

Absolutely! At Badi Rooms, we’re expat-friendly and encourage foreigners to live abroad. The entire pre-booking process can be handled remotely, so your stay can be waiting for you upon arrival.

Can I tour your apartments before committing?

We highly value the privacy of our residents and want to avoid the necessary inconveniences; we do not offer such visits. Hence, we have 3D virtual tours, so you can see the different spaces before making a reservation.

Can I modify or cancel my reservation?

We encourage our guests to book their dates with confidence to avoid any cancellation fees that may be incurred. However, we understand that things happen and plans change. Please reach out to our customer service team, guests@badiapp.com, as we are here to help you.

Are there any penalties for early termination of the contract?

There is no problem with early termination or extending your contract as soon as you notify the Badi Rooms team at least 30 days in advance. Otherwise, a penalty of the deposit may be applied.

Can I book last minute?

Since we recommend not waiting until the last minute, sometimes it’s impossible to. As long as we have availability, you’ll be able to move from one day to another.

What documents do I need to reserve a room?

The booking process is straightforward. You can easily apply for a room by providing your credit card information and legal identification documents such as your country ID or Passport.

What does maintenance included mean?

Badi take over any minor to major issues in the apartment. In case you report a problem; our maintenance team will evaluate it and be there instantly.

When is my monthly payment due?

Payment is due every first to the fifth day of the month.

Do you require a security deposit?

We require the payment of the deposit at the time of the reservation.

Are there any move-out costs?

This can vary by the condition you leave your private bedroom & common area. You always want to leave your space better than you found it. In any event, a 100€ cleaning fee is charged on your first month’s rent to sanitise and deep clean your room.

About our rooms
Are there rooms for couples?

Yes, we have a lot of rooms suitable for couples. Check every room’s specifications to ensure you can move in with your partner.

Which amenities are available?

All apartments are equipped to meet all your comfort and needs. Each apartment has high-speed WiFi, a coffee maker, a washing machine, kitchen & bathroom essentials, Smart TV, etc.

Are utilities included in the advertised price?

No, utilities are not included in the advertised price. We specify the extra amount in the contract.

Can I bring my furniture?

All Badi Rooms apartments are fully furnished with high-end equipment, so there is no need to bring anything other than your belongings.

What does all-inclusive mean?

Every Badi Rooms apartment delivers a seamless experience to all our residents. Instead of worrying about supply bills, buying furniture, household maintenance or even cleaning your room, Badi Rooms takes up the annoying part and does it for you.

Who will my flatmates be?

Community is one of the key pillars at Badi Rooms — and we believe in the foundation of a strong community. Therefore, we select the best candidates during the application process to ensure every roommate fits in according to the community’s interests, lifestyle and age.

Are there any coliving rules?

While all Badi Rooms leases include basic expectations on treating the home and your roommates with respect, residents should successfully set out their own additional house rules for how they live together and comply with local market regulations.

Can I invite friends to sleep in my apartment?

We want you to feel at home, so visitors are welcome too. In your private space, you can have one visitor at a time for a maximum of 6 nights per month. In any case, you must notify your roommates about it.

Do we have privacy in the apartment?

All residents have their private bedrooms within the home. Residents share common areas respectfully.

Are pets allowed?

Although we love animals, they’re not allowed in all our homes. Check the animal policy in every apartment description to ensure you can bring your pet.