We strive to create unforgettable experiences

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every guest who walks through our doors feels valued, appreciated, and well taken care of.

We're committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations and make your stay with us memorable.
We love what we do
Badi’s team is always working to find the best materials while offering a comfortable and functional living experience.

We spend hours creating the perfect distribution so our guests can enjoy their privacy in a spectacular shared or entire apartment.

Meet our team and their own stories

Carles, Real Estate
As the Business Development Manager at Badi, my main responsibility is to find the best apartments for our guests. I am focused on discovering hidden gems in the city and transforming them into boutique homes. This involves working closely with property owners, landlords, and real estate agents to source the best properties that match our guest's needs and preferences.
Prior to joining Badi, I have always worked in the real estate industry, but always in the startup environment. My most recent role was at Rive, where I led the company's operations in Barcelona.

I decided to work at Badi because I am passionate about what the company does. Badi offers a convenient housing solution for those who are new to the city, while providing unique homes that our guests will love. I believe strongly in the work that we do and the team is fantastic to work with.

The things I enjoy the most include spending quality time with my friends, discovering new restaurants and bars, exploring the city and traveling to new places. Additionally, playing the guitar is one of my greatest passions, and I've been playing it for many years.

One amusing anecdote is that I co-founded a music group with Albert, who is currently the Sales Manager at Badi. This was over a decade ago, and we actually recorded three albums and topped the charts. Nowadays, we still collaborate in the creation of Badi's housing symphony.
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Anna, Hospitality
I am at Badi to lay all the groundwork for a 5 star experience for our guests. My mission is to accompany all our Badis throughout their journey with us and help them with all the needs they may have.

Before joining the Badi team I was taking care of the community of some buildings of the most famous Coworking company on the planet, can you guess which one?

When I decided to take a new direction in my career, Badi crossed the path and for some reason, I felt that this was going to be my new place, a new chapter, new challenges, and growth. This makes me smile. When something gives you a good vibe, you don't know why but you know it's the right path. You have to go for it.

If I have to describe myself in one sentence, I would say that life is hard but with cheese it's better. You can find me at the cinema, in a museum, in a yoga studio in Barcelona, dancing around or maybe playing Techno on my terrace.

I could tell you many anecdotes, I think I'm a fun fact myself. Not a week goes by that something strange doesn't happen to me. I can tell you that every time I go camping, whether it's a music festival or spending time in the mountains, I take a bottle of pepper with me :)
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Alvaro, COO
As the COO, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure the smooth and efficient day-to-day operations of the company. I recognize that our success is closely tied to how well we treat our stakeholders, which include landlords, tenants, team members, and partners. To achieve our goal of providing exceptional service, I am dedicated to cultivating strong and positive relationships with each one of these groups.

Long story short, apart from dabbling in some small entrepreneurship ventures, I spent a good chunk of time working in my family's fashion manufacturing business. My role there involved building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, as well as overseeing the production process in various locations all around the world.

I've always had this burning desire to create something from scratch that could be helpful to a large audience. Plus, I've always been drawn to the idea of working with smart and talented people in a stimulating environment, where we share a common culture and a fierce determination to make a big impact. Sharing this vision with Carlos while understanding the big opportunity there was in providing a much better housing solution for the expat community looking for temporary stays is what made me dice to jump on this adventure.

I'm someone who really enjoys working and taking on challenging projects. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my friends and family, especially over a good dinner where we can catch up and have some laughs. I also like to stay active and try to practise some sport regularly to keep myself in shape and to clear my mind.

Carlos pitched Badi to me 7 years ago while he was looking for investors during an elevator pitch contest. One week after we met, we became co-founders and friends and I've been putting up with him ever since.
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Fabiola, Interior Design
I am a senior interior designer at Badi, I am in charge of ensuring our home designs meet the company standards and the needs of their residents, improving user experience.

I coordinate all the projects execution phases by defining plans distribution, managing budgets and planning, as well as working with different contractors and vendors.

Before joining Badi I worked as a project leader in an interior design company, I developed different projects including residential buildings, restaurants and commercial venues.

I was also part of different research projects about improving people’s quality of life through sustainable spaces.

I decided to work at Badi because I feel passionate about how to improve people's quality of life through good design. I believe architecture evolves adapting to people’s needs. Badi is a company that is constantly looking to improve the user experience in their projects.

I love asian culture and I am a fan of korean food, my favorite dishes are bibimbap and tteokbokki, I like them so much that I teach myself how to cook both 😊

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Albert, Sales
Hello! My name is Albert and as Sales Manager I am the one who helps you find the best place to stay!

Joining the Badi team was a no-brainer for me, the energy and inspiring vision of the founders was too hard to resist. I couldn’t be happier to contribute my skills and ideas to reach our company goals.

Back in my twenties I used to tour playing guitars with my band before I founded my first co-living company in 2018, where I learnt all the ins and outs in the Real Estate industry -all together with Carles- our Acquisition Manager… crazy trip, huh?

I also enjoy traveling, team sports and long hikes with my dog Bruce.

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Agustina, Sales
I am a Sales Representative here at Badi. I am responsible for promoting and selling our mid-term accommodation portfolio, operating our customer acquisition channels and organizing visits with potential clients.

I was an English Teacher before joining Badi. I decided to work at Badi because I wanted to be able to connect with people who are coming from all over the world and help them find the best place to stay whilst they are travelling, working remotely, studying etc.

I love Mexican food!! Burritos and tacos all day :)

I also love staying active, two of my favourite ways to stay active are cycling class and rollerblading.
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Pablo, Visual Content
Hi everyone! My name is Pablo and as the Visual Content Specialist at Badi I am responsible for managing the production process of visual content from start to finish as well as creating high-quality visual content to showcase Badi's properties.

Joining the team was an interesting process because I was working at another company. From the moment I got the proposal, I knew that the change would be an improvement in my professional career.

I am a very sociable person and I love being part of a team of people who help others to get to know, live and enjoy the city as if they were at home.

I also love playing tennis, music, art and like any good Argentinean: eating asado and being with friends!
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Montse, Interiorism
Hi! My name is Montse and my main goal at Badi is to the design the best spaces for our guests.
As an architect and interior designer I try to stay up-to-date with the current and future trends in order to create unique spaces that you can call home.

Before joining Badi I used to work as a project manager for one of the biggest retail companies in Spain designing stores for luxury brands all over the world.
I loved my job and my team but I felt that I had something extra to give. When Badi crossed my path I discovered an inspiring company where there are no bad ideas until proven otherwise. Once I had the chance to join the Badi team I didn’t hesitate.

One of my favorite expressions is that you cannot be sad when eating an ice cream on street or riding a bike. So yes! You have guessed correctly I love bikes and ice cream, but I never do both at the same time.

My favorite flavors are Pistachio and Stracciatella but I can be very picky, that’s why I have a list on Google Maps where I can find the best ones in Barcelona. I also love to bake cakes even if I they are not my favorite dessert just because it makes people happy. Other than that, you can find me in the mountains where I like to go for long hikes with my family, my friends and my dog Pippa.
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I do finance. Numbers and Excels are my thing. As CFO I must oversee every euro earnt and spent, understand why is happening, find room for improvement and propose implementation of it. I have to participate in strategy and goals setup, and monitor our performance against our targets.

I have been in finance jobs since I finished my Business Administration degree more than 10 years ago. My dream when I was studying was to start an airline, and I have always been very motivated to be part of the start and growth of companies. I have also started two companies in the past.

I believe in the mission and what is being built. The team behind it has been a huge motivator for joining the company.

I love traveling. I am very lucky to have traveled and visited a lot of different cultures, which I think is one of the most enriching things, but there is still a lot to explore so I hope I can continue traveling for many more years. I also love playing golf, padel and running. I have already finished 2 marathons and my goal is to run at least 5 more.
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Feli, Finance
Hi, my name is Feli and I’m the Administrative Finance Manager of Badi. I am in charge of billing, making payments, checking our guests monthly payouts and much more.

I graduated with a double degree in business administration and law 4 years ago and up until last year I was doing something completely different. In relation to my work history I thought about becoming a prison jurist but some months ago my life turned around and I decided to leave my hometown (Valencia) and come to Barcelona to carry on with my professional career in finance.

I love traveling, spend time with my friends and play all kind of sports (specially outdoors such as cycling, running and trekking). Above all what I enjoy most in life is eating!!!

I’m so thankful to be a part of this incredible team.
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Carlos, CEO
My mission is to inspire and motivate others to join the journey and to make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction. I try to provide clarity, consistency and coherence around our company's vision and values. Passion, drive and optimism are key to thrive at Badi. I believe great entrepreneurs should be crazy optimists and enjoy the ride. During the toughest moments is when personal and professional growth take place.

I studied BA and I was never a very good student. Before Badi I was an auditor at PwC. I also spend some time helping other startups as an advisor and investor, learning from other founders and their industries.

Badi's idea came from our very own personal experience with classifieds and portals. Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world and Badi aims to provide a top class hospitality experience while creating an inspiring community that empowers our brand.

I love spending time learning, meeting new and interesting people and having passionate discussions with our team about how to improve our product and service.

I try to play sports or exercise everyday. Running, cycling, swimming, skiing, tennis... like them all but not really good at any. I really believe exercise is a must in order to keep yourself mentally healthy and I encourage our team members to find time to stay active physically. When not working or playing sports you'll find me with friends and family enjoying the city or nature.

Against all odds, I'm a huge Marvel fan, my favourite character is Ironman and I could spend hours watching superhero movies or TV shows.
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Linda, Product
As a Product Manager, my job is to solve customer problems through technology. This means, ensuring the user experience on our platform (all the process until renting a dream room) is as smooth and easy as possible. I analyze data, identify customer needs and together with our team of software developers we launch features that make our product better every day. My ultimate goal is to create a product so good that our users become Badi ambassadors!

Before Badi, I spent 5 years at Amazon in teams like Amazon Advertising and Prime Video, where I worked with a few exciting products. After being in a big corporation, I needed to go smaller so I went into freelancing for a while and learned the pros and cons of being self-employed.

At Badi, I have the opportunity to work on a marketplace used by millions of people, combined with an excellent service that we provide to customers with our own-operated flats. I believe the property industry is late to the tech party, so I can't wait to raise industry standards with Badi.

Among my hobbies are: storytelling (both writing and making videos), learning foreign languages (my goal is to speak 7), swimming, being under the sun & near the sea. A good summary is: I am a Mediterranean nerd. Also, my partner is a cyclist so I recently got my first ever road bike!
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Pol, Real Estate
My mission is to identify and analyze housing opportunities that are suitable for Badi's model.
I was in charge of the expansion of another retail sector startup: Freshly. My job was similar to Badi's, although instead of analyzing housing, I focused on analyzing street-level retail points.

I like the young and dynamic atmosphere of Badi. Additionally, the company is growing and it's a stimulus for me to continue growing professionally. And, of course, because I share the company's mission of accompanying people who arrive for the first time in our cities.

I like traveling and photography, two passions that I can combine by visiting the most exciting places.

My first day as a member of Badi was during the photoshoot for this website; for a moment, I didn't know if they had hired me as a Real Estate Acquisition Specialist or as a model
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Nacho, Hospitality
Hello my name is Nacho and I'm part of the Hospitality Team at Badi.

My main concern is to take care of our guests, make sure their requests are addressed, and their feedback taken into account.

In my position, smooth communication and close up connection with them is always a priority. Overall, my goal is reaching Badi's top standards both as Guest Experience and Operations agent.

Before Badi, I worked for an Outsourcing company leading teams of receptionists and porters, trying my best to help them work in the safest and happiest environment possible. In addition, I learned my craft as a Guest Experience professional working in a luxury 5 stars hotel in Barcelona. And as a random and fun fact in my resume: I used to guide horseback rides in Patagonia.

I find Badi as the perfect company for me to effectively make a contribution. Moreover I work at Badi due to its values: I'm very appreciative of working in a dynamic, fast paced environment, with creative and innovative work ethos.

Besides being an unborn explorer and traveler who loves to climb and get lost in the mountains, I love music from electro to tango (I currently take flamenco lessons) and I have a Kylie Minogue autograph in my heart. Also, I'm addicted to sushi.
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Ro, Social Media
At Badi I am responsible for developing the content strategy across digital channels, establishing collaborations & partnerships with similar and relevant brands and making sure that all published content is in line with the TOV of the brand.

Before joining Badi I was living and working in The Netherlands where I worked as a Social Media Manager of a well-known reusable water bottle brand. I was thinking about moving back to Barcelona when I saw this opportunity.

It felt like it was meant to be. I've always been passionate about interior design and apartment hunting, it was a great fit professionally and the perfect chance to come back.

I like so many things I wouldn’t know where to begin… I love finding beauty in the little things, that’s for sure. From my grandpa I inherited the love for the sea, it’s my happy place. Art and design are my true passions too; you'll often spot me getting lost in stores. Oh, and cinema, Wes Anderson is my all-time favorite film director. I love being outdoors and practicing sports like Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Surf, Pilates and Running (even though it's a bit of a love-hate relationship, hehe). and last but certainly not least I absolutely love eating.
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