For the past four years badi has been diligently mastering the art of finding the people who are simply meant to be flatmates and introducing them to each other. We set out to transform the room rental market and we delivered on our promise – more than 1.8 million users later, we are humbled to have been featured by the likes of The Guardian, The Independent, and Financial Times, to name a few, as a proptech solution to watch.

But as the world population continues to grow and cities are faced with an ever-increasing housing issue to tackle, we are pushed to further innovate in order to serve our users with solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Are you an expat about to pack up your life in pursuit of career, adventure, or love? A local looking for a fast housing solution in your buzzing city where the life cycle of a room-to-rent is only one hour on all major renting platforms? We hear you! Our new app feature is for you.

Introducing badi’s new booking system

Let’s be honest – looking for a new place to live, exciting though it may be, is stressful. And finding a place you like is usually nowhere near the end of it – numerous phone calls, flat visits cancelled last-minute, the time pressure to be the first one to make an offer… And oftentimes you live thousands of kilometres away from your new home! 

We get it. 

Which is why our teams have been hard at work for months, crafting a solution that will take the hassle out of it all. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, the booking system is sure to make your life easier.

Simple & Fast

Booking requests can now be sent directly from a room listing – fewer steps for the tenant, wider choice for the landlord. And no stress over being the first person at the door!

Safe & Secure

Book through a secure online transaction from the comfort of your couch, wherever it may be in the world. You can raise any issues on the day you move in, before we transfer the payment to your future landlord.

Direct & Accessible

Our new Inbox, all colour-coded and filter-smart, helps you organise your booking requests and keep the conversation going when needed.

Tasked with making city living accessible to anyone anywhere, we wanted you to be able to complete the booking in a few simple clicks, all the while knowing you’re in safe hands and that there’s a dedicated Customer Experience team that has your back. So now you can. Our aim is not only to give you access to the best places to live, but to provide you with the tools to help you live life to the fullest.

So stay tuned for our future product updates. As our user base grows, so do we, constantly adapting to the evolving demands of a busy world in need of more connection than ever.

Looking for a place to live or have a room to rent? Head over to badi and give the booking system a go.