When you cross the ocean and make a foreign country your home: Diego tells his story

Actualizado el Thursday, 12 August, 2021

Meet Diego, a characterful artist from Madrid

Some time ago, we went to Madrid to take some great photos, but also to get to meet Diego, also known as @degoista. We weren’t going to leave the capital before we met him in real life! Diego is a lively guy from Venezuela happily sharing a flat in Madrid, and today we’re telling his Badi story. 

How it started

Two years ago, Diego decided to pack up his suitcases and leave his home country in pursuit of an exciting experience abroad. As he always had a soft spot for the Spanish culture, he was first attracted by the vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle of Barcelona, where he graduated in Cinema and Photography. A few years later, he ended up in Madrid, the city that certainly tops the Spanish art and culture scene.

Diego lives in La Latina neighbourhood, where he shares his flat with Matthew, a 27-year-old English guy. It was clear from the start that La Latina would be the neighbourhood of his choice, thanks to its authentic and vibrant character. 

“When I arrived here, Matthew made me discover the best local spots. It’s really cool to have my personal city guide here. Now we have our Sunday ritual, when we go to Bocono for the best latte in town.”

Diego Venezuelan artist living his best life in Madrid, Spain

For Diego, flat sharing was the best way to integrate in his new city, easily and quickly.

“Matthew is so into the Latino culture that he can even do Venezuelan arepas. And now that Summer is coming, I will teach him how to move those hips, proper Latino style. He’ll have everyone falling at his feet.”

Diego’s best advice is to be open to what your flatmate can offer, but also think of what you can offer in return. For example, it’s an excellent way to learn a new language. At home, Diego and Matthew speak Spanglish and they love it!

For Diego and Matthew, Spanglish is their main means of communication

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