Meet Diego, an amazing artist from Madrid

A month ago, we went to Madrid to shoot great pictures but also to get to know more of Diego also known as @degoista. We weren’t going to leave the Capital until we met him in real life! He’s a very cool 30-year-old guy from Venezuela and we’re really excited to tell you today his incredible story.

Get to know him!

Urban art




Film Lover


Two years ago, Diego decided to pack his suitcase and leave his home country to live a new exciting experience abroad. As he always had a soft spot for Spanish culture, he moved first to the vibrant & cosmopolitan lifestyle of Barcelona where he graduated in Cinema and Photography and later, ended up in Madrid, the city to the top of art and culture scene.

“I love the people but also the culture and the amount of stuff you can do here, it’s just endless! I am a big fan of Urban Art and here it is everywhere! It’s so impressive & enjoyable! ”

Diego shares his flat in the La Latina neighbourhood with Matthew, a 27-year-old english guy. It didn’t take him too long to decide to move to La Latina because of its authenticity and colourful atmosphere.

“When I arrived here, Matthew made me discover the best locals. It’s really cool to have your personal city guide here 🙂 Now we have our Sunday ritual to go to Bocono for the best latte in town”  


For Diego, flat sharing was the best option to integrate easily and faster in this new city.

He is so keen on latino Culture that he can even do scrummies arepas from Venezuela even though he is english.

“It sounds like a joke you know… but I can promise you when you come back from work and you have a top Chef waiting for you with a delicious meal, it’s like heaven!”

“And now that Summer is coming, I will teach him how to move those hips like a latino that will leave everyone falling at his feet” His best advice is to be open to what the person can offer but also what you can offer back. For those who want to improve their languages, they should do it their way!

At home, they speak Spanglish and they love it!