What to do in Shoreditch & why it’s a great place to live

Rich in culture, Shoreditch is famed for its vibrant street art and lively nightlife. There’s plenty to do in this district of London, playing host to an array of unique bars, shops, markets and more. Due to its diversity and arty nature, Shoreditch is a marvellous place to live regardless of your age. City living in Shoreditch is perfect for those who love a bustling environment with a ton of culture.

Making your move to the capital? Keep reading our essential Shoreditch living guide for all the best things to do in this striking area.

What to do in Shoreditch

Amazing street art

Instead of being boxed away in museums and the like, Shoreditch’s art resides on the streets themselves. Trust us; they aren’t the typical spray painted scribble, but rather giant murals spanning the side of buildings and other structures. Their detailed finishes will have you gasping in delight. All of the styles are so different, you’re guaranteed to find a piece you absolutely adore. Plus, all these striking pieces are free to look at, what could be better?

Shopping and eating at a pop-up shopping centre

Packed full of the tastiest street food stalls you’ll ever come across, Boxpark is a hub for independent food, drink and fashion. Starting life as a shipping container (yes, really), you’ll find a myriad of different markets in this pop-up shopping centre. When you aren’t sampling the excellent selection of snacks, you can drink gorgeous cocktails and do a spot of shopping. It’s chill, it’s cool and it’s definitely hip, which basically summarises Shoreditch as a whole.

Shopping on Brick Lane

In true hipster fashion, Shoreditch’s Brick Lane plays host to a plethora of vintage shops and markets. You could probably spend hours upon hours searching through racks of these gorgeous clothes, all of which hold that retro charm everyone seems to adore. There’s no doubt that some of the vintage shops on this street are amongst some of the very best, so you’re sure to find a gem.

Rooftop bars

What could be better than having a tipple while gazing over the sights of London? Not much, we’d like to think. There are several to choose from, including Boundary and the Queen of Hoxton. All of them offer impressive views as well as delicious drinks and food, adding a touch of sophistication to your night.

Independent cinemas

As you’d expect from such a cultured and arty area, Shoreditch is full of independent cinemas and theatres. You’ll be able to watch underground artists and comedians at Rich Mix, for example, making it the perfect spot for those who like a more unique experience. Electric Cinema, on the other hand, offers a more opulent vibe. With amazing wine and comfortable soft furnishings, it’s the ultimate independent cinema experience.

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