Tenants liability insurance is there to protect you when renting a property. It covers your legal liability for accidental damage to anything provided by your landlord, which could be up to hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds.

Sure, you have paid a deposit before moving in, but what if you damage a piece of furniture, a fixture or a fitting that costs much, much more than your outlay? The last thing you want is to be left throwing away your savings or needing to raise sums of money you don’t have because of a mistake.

Imagine a slip or stumble leaving you needing to find the funds to replace a new chair, table, window, sofa or even a boiler. It’s not an attractive prospect by any means. Tenants liability insurance can be available for a small monthly payment and could make a huge difference in the long run.

Do you need Tenants Liability Insurance as a lodger?

Tenants liability insurance is a huge advantage for a lodger, for many reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it lets you get on with living your life without the constant nervousness and worry that anything you do could land you with a huge bill.

There’s nothing worse than feeling on edge and unable to relax in your own living space, and knowing you’re covered instantly gets rid of the fear that you may be out of pocket due to a simple accident.

Even worse, you could find yourself blamed for something you didn’t do, or lumped with an invoice because a guest damaged something. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

It may also help you avoid the stress and possible costs of a legal battle if you cannot afford repairs and are being pursued.

What if I don't want it? Do I really need to have tenants liability insurance?

Not always. But that may also depend on your tenancy agreement.

If your landlord stipulates that it is a requirement of your contract then – to put it simply – yes, you need it. Many landlords do this because it can benefit both parties immensely if a serious problem arises.

You avoid the big bills and they aren’t left in the lurch or out of pocket while you attempt to pay back the cash, so make sure you double check your agreement. It also allows a shrewd landlord to get rid of bad tenants or time wasters at the earliest opportunity. If there is no such agreement in place then it is still beneficial for you, because you never know just when it may be needed.

Will I be covered if I have contents insurance?

We’re afraid not. Contents insurance is important as a lodger as it protects you if anything happens to your belongings, from such issues as damage or theft.

But this is about somebody else’s possessions

While it is important for peace of mind – especially as your possessions will not be covered by your landlord or roommate’s contents insurance – it does not protect you if you damage someone else’s property.

It’s important to know the ins and outs of insurance before you start renting, so we hope we’ve helped you to get your head around the essential points. If you’re ready to find a new place to live, badi makes finding the perfect pad quick and easy. With a plethora of features, you’ll have a new place to call home in no time.

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