Thinking of taking on a lodger? Lock it down with a detailed lodger agreement and the process will run a whole lot smoother. An agreement gives you and your new housemate something to refer back to, should questions about the terms arise. If you’re not sure where to get started, keep reading this guide and learn more about what a lodger agreement should include.

House rules

It may seem a little extreme, but including house rules in the agreement itself is always wise. Let’s face it: nobody wants a house that smells of cigarette smoke or to be woken up by your lodger’s pals stumbling through the door at 3 am.

While you should accept that everyone wants a night out now and again, you should specify what is and isn’t allowed at the property to avoid future conflict. From coming home quietly to putting a stop on pets, include everything the lodger can’t do at the property so they know if they’re the right person to live with you. You’ll thank us later!

Using badi to advertise your space is a great way of filtering out those who won’t match your house rules. This gives you the chance to specify if the property is smoker friendly, whether couples are accepted and any rules regarding pets.


Similar to house rules, an obligation section lets the lodger know what they are expected to do when they move in. Have a chat with the potential lodgers beforehand to check that they’re happy before getting them to sign on the dotted line.

A lodger’s obligations typically include:

  • Paying rent before/on the date shown in the agreement.
  • Keeping all communal areas clean – you may want to put a rota style agreement together if you plan on doing chores together.
  • Keeping their bedroom clean.
  • Any jobs or chores that will be solely theirs to complete.
  • Keeping their personal items safe and secure.

It may not be fun and games, but it’ll stop your new roomie from accidentally slacking on their chores. Putting their obligations out there will help things go smoothly because you won’t be able to argue about whose turn it is to do the washing up.

You should also mention the rules regarding their deposit and the penalties for not paying rent or damaging property.

Rent and bills

Most important of all is how much money they’ll be expected to pay and how long the contract lasts. Remember to specify if bills are included in the total price of rent or not. If not, it may be a good idea to include an estimated sum for the bills as well as the rent. That way, you can avoid any confusion and keep organised by referring to the contract.

Once you’ve decided how much to charge your lodger, you’ll need to decide when and how often rent is due. You can charge them monthly or weekly, although you’ll have to provide a rent book if you decide to go with the latter.

What’s included

Are you planning on cooking meals for your lodger? Are bills included in the total price of rent? Will the lodger be expected to pay for any extras? If so, you’ll want to include it in the agreement.

Anything that is included in the total price should be included, whether that be you changing the bed sheets every morning or if the lodger is chipping in for some of the household luxuries. This section is similar to the lodger’s ‘obligations’ section but it is the landlord’s side of the deal.

If you’re still looking for your perfect lodger, don’t forget to check out badi. Our app makes finding a new housemate super simple, fast and fun, thanks for the many handy features.

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