Carlos Pierre, founder and CEO of badi, was one of the speakers at the round table “UX design for business growth?” the big event of VivaTech in Paris, on May, 16th. VivaTech is THE global meeting place for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation.

The round table was moderated by Elya Hasson, founder of Eh Conseil in Paris, and included the participation of Ali Niknam, founder of BUNQ.
Carlos Pierre introduced his vision of UX Design at badi, his vision for the future and badi’s main challenges in terms of UX design right now.
First of all, he took us through the 3 basic things badi focused on in terms of UX design: the social aspect, the chat and machine learning. Regarding the social aspect, Carlos Pierre explained that against the very obsolete user experience of bigger competitors in real estate, badi is adding a social aspect in order to improve the UX, by verifying profiles, for instance. Moving on to machine learning, the goal is to perfectly connect the supply with the demand. He observed that the biggest change in badi’s UX design happened when the company launched the recommendation system for listings. Since this feature was launched, badi’s requests have been multiplied by 2 every month. Carlos Pierre added “I always divide in 3 faces the user experience of someone who wants to rent or buy a flat: connection between supply and demand, offering the best booking service (insurance, …) and services (everything you can offer with one simple click that can improve the user experience), which is coming in the coming months”
The opinion of the CEO of badi, the future of UX will be selfservice solutions: for example, the hotel market has been disrupted by airbnb. Badi has the same ambition: to implement every service for owners or property managers online (financial aspect, etc). Carlos Pierre added that “the future will be to eradicate intermediaries: everyone can go on self service solutions based on technology”.

Finally, Carlos Pierre highlighted the main challenges in terms of UX design for badi. The current difficulty is to focus on growth as well as on UX Design. To drive growth, badi need to be more functional, and for UX design badi need to be more data informed. At the same time, badi want to innovate but also need to grow fast. The founder and CEO confessed that “the biggest challenge right now is to mix focuses on a great design, as well as on details, and then on growth”.