From skating at an abandoned airport, to celebrating personal growth: Basti’s story

Actualizado el Thursday, 12 August, 2021

Meet Basti, a philosophy and communication student living in Neukölln, one of Berlin’s liveliest neighbourhoods. Similarly to his flatmates Judi and Mette, Basti originally moved to Berlin to pursue his studies, but soon realised that the German capital had to offer him so much more. This is a story of how being open to new experiences inevitably turns into a fertile soil for personal growth.

Basti, Judi, and Mette met through Badi, as individuals sharing the same interests, such as living in a diverse, international neighbourhood. This seemingly chance connection soon developed into a harmonious coexistence and a sharing experience we’re all looking for – feeling at home with the people you spend your days with. 

Basti tells us how it started:

How did you end up living here, in Neukölln, with Judi and Mette? 

Basti: Neukölln is a neighbourhood that has it all, I always wanted to live here. From bars, to parks, to exhibition spaces. There’s even an abandoned airport, Tempelhof – a fantastic place to go skating! 

I found my flatmates through Badi – I like to share, I don’t like being on my own, not all the time. But it’s important to be with the right people. And after doing some searching on the web, I realised Badi could help with that. And I wasn’t disappointed, quite the contrary. I had less-than-great experiences of sharing in the past, with people who simply weren’t a good fit for my lifestyle and my personality, so I knew I wanted a different approach this time. 


Sharing a flat is the most natural thing for me. I like the feeling of belonging to a community, I think it’s important that we have people to share our life with.

Basti Communications and Philosophy student living in Berlin

Why do you share a flat?

Basti: Sharing a flat is the most natural thing for me. I like the feeling of belonging to a community, I think it’s important that we have people to share our life with. 

We do many things together, everyday things, like cooking, grocery shopping, or watching movies. We even took dance classes together! But I also love the shared study time with my flatmates, I think it makes us all feel supported. And through all these experiences, we grow, we learn how to communicate better, how to coexist… It’s an invaluable skill to have, in my opinion.

What’s your recipe for a successful coexistence, such as the one you have with your flatmates?

Basti: Open communication and respect. We all share a flat because we want to, but that doesn’t mean we have to be together 24/7. We do a lot of things together, but it’s also important to respect each other’s privacy and the need to be alone and quiet. 

And another thing is the playfulness and the willingness to be silly, not take ourselves too seriously all the time. We love it when we get into our goofy mode, and do a crazy kitchen dance, for example. It fills you up with good energy.

How is your relationship with Judi and Mette different from your previous flat sharing experiences? 

Basti: In my old flat, we were all good friends, but bad flatmates. It’s not easy to live with somebody, to find that right balance of closeness and respect. We really have that here. I feel at home with them, and it’s not something that happens often. 

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