Two days, two cultures, and a fluffy, furry cat: How Alba and Carrie came to be sharing their everyday

Actualizado el Tuesday, 17 August, 2021

Finding the perfect flatmate in just two days? Sounds impossible, but Alba and Carrie are the living proof that you can make it happen.

Both Alba and Carrie work for communication agencies in Barcelona, with the small difference that Alba is from Barcelona and Carrie from a town in the south of Germany. This is a story of how two different cultures were brought together by Badi.


On Badi, I looked at the pictures, I wrote to my potential flatmate, she was super cool and easygoing, and I just clicked on ‘book’, and that’s it. I had my room!

Carrie Room seeker


I decided it had to be her und in just two days we were living together.

Alba Room lister

That’s how easy it was to turn a great first impression into a lasting sharing experience.

Alba knew from the start that she only had one condition for her future flatmate. Guy or girl, it didn’t matter, but it was imporant that they be accepting of her little furry friend – a Persian cat named Lima, who welcomed Carrie with open paws.

I grew up with pets, so I love living with one now. Whenever I open the front door, she comes towards me, wanting to say hi. It’s a nice extra, which makes me feel even more at home.


Both Alba and Carrie are animal lovers, but their shared passion for animals isn’t the only thing that brought them together. They both enjoy the small things that make sharing a life so special, like unwinding together after a long day. In Carrie’s words: “Just being able to share your thoughts and opinions with someone is for me the best part of sharing a flat. Knowing that you’re not alone.

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