8 Storage Box Ideas To Add A Personal Touch To Space Saving

Whether you’re sharing a space or have a lack of storage, it’s almost too easy for a house to become cluttered. Rather than purging your home of non-essentials, get creative with your storage solutions and make your own space-saving areas.

Not only does this help you become more organised, but they are a great way of ensuring that everyone has enough space in a shared home. From quick and easy solutions to fun craft projects, here are our storage box ideas to add a personal touch to space-saving.

Use a small suitcase as a storage cabinet

It may sound bizarre, but you can transform any suitcase into storage by getting creative. You can find tutorials online, but this is a great project for those who love crafts and results in a unique storage solution.

Use wooden crates or bins as storage

Paint them any colour you like or leave them plain for a rustic effect. Turn them so that the bottom of the crate is facing the wall, using plasterboard anchor to hang them in your chosen location. Then, place a wicker basket on the new shelf to place your nick-nacks in – you could even use larger crates and baskets to hold coats, scarves and other essentials.

Tidy away your bath items with hanging baskets

This makes it incredibly easy to keep your space clear, choosing to either hang plastic or metal bins over a rail or attaching them with damage-free hanging strips. This allows you to take it out of the room or change it when required, which is helpful for those who share their home.

Paint and decorate plastic buckets for your pantry

Plastic bins have always been used for storage, but they can look unsightly. This tutorial teaches you how to make the most out of limited space by transforming ordinary plastic buckets into stylish pieces of decor.

Store food and dry items in glass jars

From pasta sauce to curry, you likely have a lot of jars leftover after cooking. Get creative and give them a personal touch with some paint as they make amazing storage for food. You could also decorate some to place clutter in or other small but essential items.

Create a space-saving wall cubby

It may sound tricky, but creating a small, discreet place to hang your clothes is fairly simple. Follow this tutorial to create an adorable cubby storage rack and hooks. You could always get the cubby pre-made and just use the tips on how to set it up for optimum storage space.

Make a trendy wooden toiletry shelf

Easy to hide above doors, mirrors and other small spaces, use a wooden board or box to make a shelving unit. Whether you go for a box or a shelf is up to you, but either option makes a rustic addition to the bathroom.

Use plastic or glass storage bins to keep your fridge and freezer organised

Nobody wants to rummage through a messy fridge, especially when you’re hungry. Place small storage bins in your fridge and freezer to keep similar items together. This is especially important if you have housemates, as you can label them to ensure you know what is yours.

Creating more storage doesn’t have to be a chore, but rather an exciting project. If you’re still searching for the perfect home or have a room you want to rent out, check out Badi. Our online platform uses features such as direct messaging and filters to help you find a tenant or flat.