6 Storage box ideas to add a personal touch to space saving

Actualizado el Friday, 6 August, 2021

Everyone dreams of having a stylish space to relax in, and it may be much easier to achieve than you expect. While everyone is prone to hoarding unneeded belongings for sentimental reasons, this clutter can end up ruining the aesthetics of your home, no matter how long you spend painting the walls. Rather than purging your home of every single non-essential, get creative with your storage solutions and make your own space-saving areas. Who wants to chuck out their shoe collection, after all? 

Get stuck into a new project by getting creative with your storage solutions. Not only does this help you become more organised, but they are a great way of ensuring that everyone has enough space in a shared home. From quick and easy solutions to fun craft projects, here are our storage box ideas to add a personal touch to space-saving.

The suitcase trick

It may sound a little strange, but you can transform any old suitcase you have hanging around into a storage box. There are tutorials online, but all you really need to do is get creative with the design, line the inside with material of your choice and mount it to the wall. This is a great project for those who love arts and crafts and results in a unique storage solution, plus you could even get a couple of friends involved. Don’t have a suitcase spare? Head to your local charity shop, where you may be able to pick one up at a great price.

Wooden crates

You may not have thought about it before, but wooden crates are the next big trend in the interior world. Adding flare to Scandinavian inspired homes, these simplistic designs are warm and rustic, although you can paint them to add a pop of colour. 

Turn the crate so that the bottom is facing the wall, using a plasterboard anchor to hang them in your chosen location. Then, place a wicker basket on the new shelf to place your nick-nacks in – you could even use larger crates and baskets to hold coats, scarves and other essentials. 

Alternatively, you can make a trendy wooden shelf for your toiletries using a single board. Easy to hide above doors, mirrors and other small spaces, a plain piece of wood can make a charming shelving unit. Whether you go for a box or a shelf is up to you, but either option makes a rustic addition to the bathroom.

Hanging baskets

Tidy away your bath items with ease by utilising hanging baskets. Doing so makes it incredibly easy to keep your space clear, choosing to either hang plastic or metal bins over a rail or attaching them with damage-free hanging strips. This allows you to take it out of the room or change it when required, which is helpful for those who share their home. You can find hanging baskets and bathroom caddies in a variety of styles, so they’re far from an eyesore either.

Plastic buckets

Looking to tidy up your pantry? It may be tucked away, but a messy pantry can be frustrating – especially when you’re hungry and can’t find your way around the snacks. Plastic bins have always been used for storage, but they can look unsightly. This is where your creativity comes in; collect some spray paint, chalkboard labels and whatever other decorative pieces you fancy before starting your project. Not only will your pantry be spotless, but you’ll have unique pieces of decor that everyone will be jealous of. 

Glass storage

Store food and dry items in glass jars. From pasta sauce to curry, you likely have a lot of jars leftover after cooking. Give them a personal touch with some paint or leave them plain with stickers to keep dry goods organised. Rice, quinoa, couscous – it all looks much better when organised into glass jars. You could also use them for other pieces of clutter from other rooms in the house as they make a modern addition to bookshelves.

Wall cubby

Make a small, discreet place to hang up coats and keep your hallway nicely neat. It’s fairly straightforward to create your own using wooden boards, hooks and super strong glue if you don’t want to splash the cash on storage.

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