A few days ago, we went to meet Jorge and Diana, a dream couple from Madrid. When they start to dance… everyone wants to watch them! 😍 They are young owners of a fantastic flat that they share with two like-minded young roommates.

And… How did it all start? Jorge (28 yrs old), a nurse with Brad Pitt’s physique who can make friends with everybody, even his own patients, and Diana (28 yrs old), the sunlight of the house who can improve your mood in a flash, wanted to break the cliché of the perfect and romantic couple. One day they decided to publish their two spare rooms on badi and to convert their life into something totally different.

“We are like brothers and sisters. You can have a bad day but when you come back home and have someone to joke with and make you smile, it warms your heart!”


Jorge & Diana, owners of the flat.

Today, they are like the fantastic 4… They get along very well and have quickly become completely inseparable! They are living proof that at badi , you can create strong friendships!

Family members ⬇⬇


The Man In Black

He (26 yrs old) is an air traffic controller and food lover. Jorge confided in us that he always dresses in black, (to the extent that he could be one of the Men in Black!)… But with his “spy” looks, he is “quieter than the Dalaï Lama”, whispers Jorge.

As a good organiser, he is the only one who seriously follows the objectives board they have in common. He is currently hitting the gym hard in an attempt to impress the girls this summer at the beach!

“My roommates are very nice, open and funny. We spend all the time in the living room and we are always making fun of each other”.


The Sporty partier

He is 22 yrs old, he is the joker of the flat. Contrary to the other ones, Borja wasn’t waiting for us with open arms… he was sleeping like a baby after going out last night!

Passionate about rugby (Rugby fan), he enjoys every second of his life to such an extent that sometimes he forgets important things… Manchún told us that during his trip to Scotland, Borja forgot his bag in the rental shop where they got their van from and he had to spend the rest of the trip wearing the same outfit… #shithappens

“Between drinks and board meetings, I had a crazy time…”


The flat favourite

She is a loveable person, she never fails to impress. She can be mischievous at times but is very much considered a member of the family! She loves playing around and will always do everything possible to transform your bad days into your best. This is probably thanks to her special charm!

“We’ve all been very lucky. People always told me that flatsharing is like a lottery. When I arrived in the flat, I knew that I hadn’t made a mistake.”


Borja, the Sporty partier

If you have hilarious true stories with your roommates, we would love to read your comments! ⬇ ⬇