The Seven Totems of New York

If you’re like us and binge watched Season 2 of You in a day, you’re probably familiar with the 7 Totems of LA mentioned in Episode 6. Joe is wandering around LA and just so happens to see all seven – apparently meaning he can never leave Los Angeles. While this is obviously just a method of foreshadowing for later episodes, it got us thinking: What are the 7 Totems of New York City?

Always spoken of as the glamorous city that never sleeps, New York is the place people from all over the world dream of visiting. There are so many crazy sights to see that make tourists do a double take with their mouths hanging open in disbelief, while a true New Yorker walks by, sipping their Starbucks without a second glance. So what sights makes you a New Yorker for life?

Totem 1: Seeing tourists taking pictures with the Wall Street Bull

Yes the Wall Street Bull is famous, but New York has over 1,000 other statues that are much more interesting. Have you seen the Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park? Anyway, a stranger sight to see would be passing the Wall Street Bull and not seeing tourists snapping a pic, but obviously a true New Yorker has seen this happen!

7 Totems of New York City

Totem 2: Seeing someone hold the train door after it closes

You know the person holding up the A train is incredibly late and oblivious to the death stares they will receive if they get on the subway. This totem is the most frustrating and a staple of every morning experienced by NYC commuters.

Totem 3: Courageous pigeons

In the concrete jungle one of the few chances to view wildlife is seeing a pigeon. Yes, they are everywhere… but have you ever had a fearless pigeon fly right at your head? If you have, you’re well on your way to becoming a true New Yorker. These pigeons are ruthless.

Courageous pigeons of New York

Totem 4: A long line outside of a millennial pop-up experience

Ever walk past a Supreme Store and see a bunch of twenty-somethings in matching sweat suits lined up out the door? If you have, you probably live in New York. The same goes for lines outside of pop-up experiences like the Rosé Mansion or the Museum of Ice Cream, created solely for your instagram.

Totem 5: A halal stand

You can find a food cart on practically every street serving nuts, hotdogs or soft pretzels, but you must find a good halal stand to truly understand NY street food. Especially after a late night out, the famous 53rd and 6th Halal stand has a line that’s a sight to behold.

Halal stand, one of 7 totems of New York

Totem 6: A celebrity sighting

If you live in NYC and you are in Soho during September or February, chances are you’ve seen a celebrity during Fashion Week. If not, there’s always that chance encounter since there are seemingly hundreds of celebrities who live in the West Village alone. Like Keanu Reeves or Sarah Jessica Parker.

Totem 7: A rat eating a slice of pizza

The coveted 7th totem. You are truly a New Yorker if you have seen a rat eating a slice of pizza. No, the viral 2015 video of the rat dragging pizza down the subway stairs doesn’t count! But really, where would a rat get a slice of pizza? How does it pull something nearly three times its size? Who drops precious pizza on the ground?

If you haven’t come across all 7 of our totems, don’t worry! Grab your roommate and take a walk around your neighborhood, you’re bound to find a few. 

Have you seen all 7 Totems of New York? Do you think there are others? Let us know!