This new feature in the badi app equips you with the ability to better manage your listings. It allows you to have all your information centralised. In 3 words: easy, convenient, accessible. Say hello to your new Inbox!

To continue in our mission of perfecting your experience, we recently replaced our chat feature with a simple inbox to give you more precise overview & control over your on-going conversations. It provides you with an at-a-glance view of all your room enquiries, room invites and booking requests.

1. Track your conversation

From now on, you can organise and track everything (all your conversations, room enquiries, room invites and booking requests) under one roof and get an instant view of the status of each one.

From the moment you start sending and receiving enquires and invites, and start talking to different users and receiving and sending room invites and enquiries, there are so many interactions happening at the same time that it becomes very easy, and common, for things to get lost!

2. Reply to your room enquiries & room invites

 You can reply to room enquiry and invites with a personalised message to start the conversation.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

You’ll have all your activity stored in your Inbox to closely track your conversations

You’ll be able to manage (reply or decline) your room enquiries & room invites from one single place. Previously, you couldn’t see all of your activities without leaving the chat.

3. Keep up to date with your bookings.

You’ll be able to track all of your messages thanks to the status.

Now you’ll see the progress of each booking request shown in  5 stages:

1. booking request

2. declined

3. expired

4. expires in X h

5. booked

Want to know more about how the inbox works?

Read our FAQ: