This new feature in the badi app allows you to better manage your listings by keeping all your information centralised. In three words: easy, convenient, accessible. Say hello to your new Inbox!

To continue on our mission of perfecting your experience, we recently replaced our chat feature with a simple inbox to give you a more precise overview and control over your ongoing conversations. You can now quickly scan all of your room enquiries, room invites and booking requests.

1. Track your conversation

With all of the conversations happening at the same time – all the enquiries and invites you send and receive, and all the different people you talk to – it’s very easy, and quite common, for things to get lost. So we’ve made some changes to avoid that!

All of your conversations, room enquiries, room invites, and booking requests now live under the same roof. It means you get an instant overview of the status of each one, and you can easily organise and track all of them.

2. Reply to your room enquiries & room invites

You can reply to room enquiries and invites with a personalised message to start the conversation.

The new filters allow you to structure your conversation even further without losing the overview. You decide which messages you want to view by filtering out all the rest.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes:

All your activity is stored in your Inbox to closely track your conversations.

You can manage (reply or decline) your room enquiries and room invites from one single place. Previously, you didn’t have an overview of your activity from within the chat.

3. Keep up to date with your bookings

Booking requests you receive can go through different stages: you can confirm or decline a booking; the tenant can cancel the booking request; or it can expire if you don’t reply within 48 hours. You can now track the status of all of your requests thanks to our new, intuitive colour-coding system:

Green: the booking is confirmed

Red: the booking is cancelled

Orange: the booking expires in x h

Grey: the booking was declined

Want to know more about how the inbox works? Read our FAQs.