Fresh out of acting school Marcus wanted to live with like-minded people with similar routines. After googling to find out how he could best rent a room in London, Marcus stumbled across badi and began his journey towards flat-sharing.
After entering his details for what he was looking for and what his ideal flatmate would be like, Marcus came across a flat which met his preferences for budget, location and perhaps most importantly with two other like-minded actors.
They now spend their evenings together rehearsing lines for any upcoming plays and critiquing each other’s performance. They also enjoy having friends over and because of that Marcus feels he has met so many more people, expanding his circle of friends. They host parties and dinner parties, but mostly they all like to relax and watch their favourite movies together!
Flat-sharing has also allowed Marcus to live much more centrally than he would have been able to ordinarily due to the affordable price. He lives in a fun and vibrant area and when he’s offered an audition the centre of the city is no more than 30 minutes away. This gives him more time to spend on his acting skills, meet his friends or cook a fancy dinner!