What is lister score on Badi and how to use it to your best advantage

Actualizado el Thursday, 12 August, 2021

You know how you always buy bread at the bakery round the corner or take your car to the same mechanic? No, you’re not lazy, you simply trust them.

Trust sells, but more importantly, it creates a bond. Any good landlord knows this. Showing that you’re a trustworthy person makes it easier to find valuable tenants and rent out your room, especially when everything is done online.

But how can you show prospective tenants that they can trust you before you’ve even met? There are a lot of things you can do! From taking great photos for your listing, to replying to tenant enquiries and encouraging them to book through Badi’s secure system. It all tells them you take this seriously and that they can trust you.

Knowing what lister behaviours our users value most, we have combined them into what we call a lister score – a unique score that reflects how much you care for your tenants. It is dynamic and entirely in your hands, you can always improve it by adapting your behaviour to what the user values.

If you’re not entirely familiar with your lister score and you’re not sure how to use it to your best advantage, read on!

What is a lister score on Badi and where can I see it?

We have analysed what our users value most about their interaction with listers on Badi and we have encapsulated it all in what we call a lister score. The users can see it on the search results page, in the listing, and on your profile.

A high score means you can be trusted, simple as that. So how can you up your lister score to inspire trust and attract more potential tenants?

How to improve your lister score

In addition to other best practices for creating a winning listing for your profile, there are a few simple things you can do that directly affect your lister score. They are:

A verified bank account

Why is this important? As you know, Badi is a transactional platform, meant to pair you up with the best tenants for you and also ensure a full rental experience in a safe online environment. Booking directly through Badi comes with many perks both for you and your tenant, so everybody wins.

But in order to be able to complete bookings through Badi and receive payments, you need to verify your bank account, logically. Having your bank account verified shows that you want to do things the right way. From the tenant perspective, it’s very reassuring, because it means you won’t ask them to make money transfers to an unknown bank account. Everything stays within Badi and everybody’s covered in case of any issues.

To sum it up, without a verified bank account, you can’t receive bookings through Badi, and as such, you can’t be highlighted as a trustworthy user.

Verified contact details

We also ask you to verify your contact details, so that we know it’s really you. You must always verify your email address and your phone number, and also either your Google or your Facebook account. This three-step verification process helps us fight scammers in order to protect our users. We need to know that you are who you say you are, and if anything goes wrong, we need a reliable way to reach you. So when you verify your identity, your score goes up.

Timely replies to enquiries and booking requests

The sooner you reply to enquiries and booking requests in your inbox (ideally within the 24 of receiving them), the higher your lister score. It makes sense – if you reply to interested tenants’ questions, it shows that you care. It’s very frustrating when you try to get in touch with somebody and they’re ignoring you. Especially when it’s about important matters, such as finding a place to live.

So we reward landlords that take time to reply to messages and accept or decline booking requests (instead of letting them expire on their own) by giving them a higher lister score.

Accepting bookings through Badi

And lastly, we also want to reward those listers that do things the right way. Like we said, Badi is a room rental platform meant to offer an end-to-end rental experience that benefits both landlords and tenants. Both are offered many benefits, such as cancellation protection, money-back guarantee, and on-call customer support.

So if you’re on board with it all and you happily accept your bookings through Badi, we thank you for it by giving you a great score you can proudly display in your profile and attract new tenants quickly and easily!

So, to sum it up, your score shows your prospective tenants that you are a lister they can trust. It is attached to your profile, not a particular listing, meaning that you will have the same score for all your listings, if you have more than one. It is about you and how you do things, and not what your room is like. And you can always improve it, it’s not set in stone. So follow the simple steps above and show your prospective tenants that you care!

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