When it comes to renting out your spare room/s or flat a great photo can seal the deal. If you are asking how your listing can stand out from other rooms, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind when uploading your photos, and show your property the right way.

Put yourself in the other person's shoes

Imagine that you are the one looking for a new home, now ask yourself the following questions: “What type of listings would grab my attention?” Your answer would most likely be the one with the best photos, it’s that easy. Would you ever rent a place with a dodgy aspect? If no, why would other people do it?

It’s understood that a publication that shows a narrow and unattractive space, or worse, messy and dirty, will not work. But you have to go beyond that, because if there were an inescapable truth: listings with the best photos are the ones being rented more frequently and easily. Additionally, the number of pictures can also influence the decision of your potential tenants. Our studies show that listings with more than 7 photos attract more attention than those with less than 3 photos.

Keep it real

There is a difference between the photos used by professional rental agencies, Real Estate style, and those that are destined to badi. Yours don’t have to be boring, capture the details of the room, yes, the common areas, the sink, the kitchen, the living room, and above all things, narrates the experience. Tell through the images what it is like to live there. By the way, save yourself from hiding defects, be realistic. Honesty is well valued.



Highlight the best features of your home

Make sure to show the best of your flat, it will speak very well of the place. If you have heating, good lighting, a spacious common area, a big bed, a great building or terrace, among other positive things, show them! And do it well, keep them clean and tidy.

Don’t forget to take a few shots of the room you want to rent. Keep the bed and space clean, you can use a nice comforter and fill it with pillows to make it look as comfortable and appealing as possible.

On the other hand, be sure to show different and cool things, like that closet you have full of board games. Or the small garden on the balcony, the terrace with the orchard, and even the small gym area in the corner. 

Open the curtains and turn on the light

Show a dark space frightens away. So, before starting to shoot allows clarity to take over the place. Turning on the lights, in addition, will make you achieve impressive results. Insured! Once again, DO NOT take pictures in the dark!

We want you to get the most out of your room, so we encourage you to make the place look like it is ready to be used and get rented time!