Sometimes, even good relationships come to an end. Disney sold it very well, but the reality is that life is full of surprises and sometimes, things you would never expect to happen, like breaking up with your true love, happen. Then, it’s time for you to make a fresh new start and let your life flow like Bruce Lee’s water.

Anyway, you have to see the positive side of a break up, such as opening the doors to new opportunities. Maybe you always dreamt about paddle surfing lessons, or learning how to play the guitar like Paco de lucia, or hitting spinning classes every day? Well,  now you can do it!

According to the Office for National Statistics, in the UK almost 7 of 10 weddings end up in divorce. In Europe, they don’t reach five.

If you want to break up with your partner but are unemployed (or you always run out of money before the end of the month), or you have to pay the rent or the custody of your children, there are always other ways to leave your home with some money in your pocket. Don’t worry!

How to maintain your house after a separation or a divorce

1. If the relationship with your ex ended well (which hopefully it did!), you can get rid of all your mutual belongings you have lying around the house. Do you remember those skis you’ve only ever used once? And what about that beach volleyball net that falls out of the closet every time you open the door? Make sure you give away your shared stuff to someone who will put them to good use, just as they deserve.

2. Organise a market to sell your clothes. It’s a great idea, isn’t it? Remember that dress or costume you don’t wear anymore, or the leather boots your mother gave you… And even that bag you abandoned a long time ago. All those things deserve a second chance… and we’re sure that your pocket will thank you very deeply.

3. Save money on your own bank account. It will make your life easier during these hard times.

4. You can also share with a friend all those accounts you shared with your ex: Netflix, Spotify, HBO and all those online things you’ve paid for together.

5. If you have one (or more) spare rooms in your flat, rent them out! Don’t be shy and make some extra money. If you are afraid of sharing your home… don’t be! Platforms like badi can help you find the right flatmates, they may even become your best friends. 

In addition, with badi you’ll ensure a regular income and find your perfect match. These savings will help you take a break and enjoy your new single life!

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