How to attract more tenants to your room listing

Actualizado el Thursday, 12 August, 2021

If you’ve got a spare room to rent and you’re looking to find tenants without an agent, you’ve probably listed your place on a number of online rental platforms. But for some reason, tenant enquiries aren’t coming in as quickly as you were hoping for.

While the competition may be high depending on your location, with a little bit of care you can curate a renter profile that will help you attract new, quality tenants for your rental property in no time. And that’s what we’ll be discussing today!

We’ll look at some general best practices, but also focus on how you can stand out as a lister on Badi for a greater chance to find new tenants quickly. In particular, we’ll show you:

Show that you’re a reliable landlord

When you list your rental property on an online platform, you’re in direct competition with many other listers. One way to stand out is to take great care of your lister profile, as that is what tenants are going to base their first impressions on. Here’s what to look for:

Show your face

Choose your profile photo carefully! Don’t hide behind an avatar, a random landscape photo, or a snap of your pet pug. Ok, everyone loves pet photos, and if your jumpy friend is going to be sharing the place with the tenants, it’s important to let them know, and ideally include a photo – but not as your profile picture.

Your profile photo should be a photo of yourself, one where you look welcoming and friendly. In an online environment, there is no body language to judge “the vibe” by, so people look for cues in photos. This is particularly important if you live in the flat yourself and will be sharing it with your future tenants.

Good profile photo on Badi

Let them get to know you

As you know, Badi is all about pairing you with people who best match your needs and personal preferences. We want you to find the best tenants or flatmates for an exceptional coliving experience. But in order to do so, we need to know who you are.

Do you work or you study? What languages do you speak? Do you like to cook at home or you tend to eat out a lot? Are you an amateur DJ and you never miss your late-afternoon session on Friday evenings? There are all important things for prospective tenants to know. The more descriptive you are in your profile, the more interest your profile will generate, and the better chances you’ll have of being paired with somebody who will truly respect all of your lifestyle choices. 

Complete your profile on Badi for a greater chance of renting out your room

Showcase your Lister Score

If you’re already a lister on Badi, you will have noticed the small badge with a numerical score next to your name in your profile. That’s your lister score – a value on a scale of 1 to 5 reflecting how trustworthy you are as a lister. The users can see it on the search results page, in the listing, and on your profile.

The higher the score, the more visible you are to the tenants – the lister score is one of the parameters that affects your ranking in search results. Our user data also shows that if you have a score of 4 or higher, your listings are likely to receive more clicks. 

It’s important to know that the lister score is about you as a lister, not about your listing. It doesn’t depend on how pretty your room is or how many photos you’ve uploaded to your listing. It exclusively depends on lister behaviours, such replying to tenant enquiries in a timely manner, accepting bookings through Badi, etc.

Check out our detailed guide on lister score to learn what it is and how to easily improve it. 

Make your listing shine

Your listing is what you’re selling, so you want to show it in the best possible light. If you want to attract more tenants, your listing needs to look professional and provide all the necessary information. Put yourself in the tenants’ shoes and ask yourself: “If I were looking for a place to live, what would I need to know?” Here’s what we recommend:

Add good quality photos of all the spaces

Photography is what sells your property online. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer, but you do need to know how to take high quality photos yourself. Include at least seven high-resolution photos showcasing all of the spaces in the flat – including the shared spaces, the toilets, etc. The more information, the better.

Pick one great photo as the cover photo for your listing. This should be a photo of the room that is being rented, not one of the shared spaces like the kitchen or the living room.

The cover photo of your listing should show the room you're renting

Entice them with a descriptive title

The cover photo and the title are the first thing a user is going to see when they search for a room. To grab their attention, make sure the title is descriptive and that it highlights a unique feature of the room or the flat.

Here are some best practices for drafting an attractive title for your listing:

  • Mention the area: This could include phrases like Close to the metro station, In a quiet residential area, or Just by the Dulwich park.
  • Highlight a unique feature: If the room has a private terrace or there is a communal swimming pool in the building, mention it in the title.
  • Frontload the important information: Mention the most important piece of information at the beginning of the sentence, to ensure it’s seen.

Provide all the necessary information

If your listing is descriptive and informative, your chances of getting contacted by prospective tenants are higher. And not only that, you’ll save yourself time answering the same questions over and over again.

As a lister on Badi, remember to do the following:

  • Tick all the amenities offered in the room and the shared spaces. Tenants will use this information to filter out any properties that don’t include what they’re looking for, so you will only be in touch with people who have a true interest in your place.
  • Add an informative description to your listing. This should include information on the room itself, the shared areas in the flat, the neighbourhood, and even the house rules.
The more details you add to your room listing, the easier it will be to rent it out

Make use of the Badi features to reach more tenants

There are a few simple ways you can use unique Badi features to increase the visibility of your listing and reach more tenants. We have already seen that keeping a high lister score greatly ups your chances of getting more clicks, but here are a couple of more tips:

Upgrade your listing to Premium

You can receive up to 70% more booking requests when you upgrade your listing to Premium. A Premium listing gets more views and clicks thanks to the superboost feature, which pushes your room to the top of the search results for five consecutive days and increases its visibility by up to 8 times. 

Another great option that comes with a Premium listing is the opportunity to upload a video to your image gallery. A video allows you to take the tenant on a virtual tour of your place and showcase the distribution of the spaces.

Share your listing on social media

And lastly, once your room is up on Badi, click one of the share icons and spread the news! More views means more chances to rent out your room, and it only takes one click. Simple as that.

There you have it, all you need to know in order to stand out on a room rental platform and attract new, quality tenants. If you’re looking to rent out your room quickly and successfully, you’ll also love our guide on taking high quality photos of your property or tips on how to create a winning listing for your room on Badi.