Selling your house can be one of the most stressful times of your life.

The paperwork, the cost, the fear of missing out on your dream home and the genuine lack of knowing what’s around the corner make it a very frustrating period – and that’s before you’ve even dealt with the first chancer who tries his luck with an insultingly-low offer.

But there’s something even worse than your phone constantly going off with yet another timewaster or further demands for a payment for some legislation you’ve never heard of.

Hearing nothing.

Struggling to sell your home raises a whole new series of questions. Are we asking too much? Is there something wrong with my property I don’t know about? Do people hate my house? Are we going to be trapped here forever?

The answer to that last question is ‘no’.

Here are some options you may want to look into if your house just isn’t selling.

Rent It Out

If you’re desperate to move – for a new job, to be closer to family, or just for a fresh start – then renting out your property must be a serious consideration.

It’s the simplest way to cover the cost of your mortgage and free up your funds to pay for your monthly costs on another property.

Badi’s easy-to-use website could put you in contact with a potential tenant almost instantly, helping you connect with the perfect person to move into your home.

This may not bring in the money you need to get that deposit on the house of your dreams as quickly as a sale would, but you can make an impressive amount of money from stepping on the property ladder.  

This option gives you peace of mind, income and the chance to move on out. Being a landlord isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

Change Your Estate Agent

What if your home is just fine, but the problem lies with the people selling it?

In this modern internet era it has never been easier to search for property online. But if people are viewing and not coming back there may be something putting them off – and it’s not necessarily the property.

An unenthusiastic agent can easily influence your potential buyer’s opinion. If they’re not responding to calls quick enough then viewers may choose to look elsewhere.

Some agents waive their percentage but ask for a hefty up-front fee and unreasonable agreements. Once you’ve paid that, how motivated are they to promote your property?

Take The Hit

If your home is in negative equity then the thought of selling can make you feel sick to your stomach, the same goes for dropping your asking price to a figure lower than you had hoped.

Losing money on any transaction, especially if it’s thousands of pounds, is not good business.

However, housing prices can fluctuate rapidly and who’s to say your next property won’t make you even more money and offset that loss further down the line once you’ve added your loving touch?

There are also online websites who guarantee to buy your home, but their valuation is often much lower than the money you could make if you wait. So be careful.

A Bit Of DIY

Marketing is important when trying to sell any product. It’s no different with a home.

Does your property look desirable? Look at the pictures in the brochure. Is everything tidy? Could you move straight into the property hassle free?

A missing door, a faulty boiler or a home in need of a lick of paint or a new carpet may put buyers off as they know they’ll be purchasing a place with additional costs.

As mentioned, renting out your property is a great way of making money from a home that just won’t budge. Use our website or app platforms to find the perfect tenant for your property and make some money while you find your dream home.

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