Great news… you’ve found your perfect flatmate and you’ll be living together in no time! Now to let the badi world know that your room is no longer available, you can do this by marking your room as rented in the app or website. By doing so, you’ll ensure you don’t continue receiving rental requests for a room you’ve already filled. That said, we know nothing lasts forever, and one day you might need to find your perfect flatmate number 2… that’s why we make sure you’re able to reactivate your listing in an instant, instead of having to fill out all the same information again.

We’ll even give you a heads-up when the agreed moving-out date is approaching. When that sad day arrives and you receive our notification, just enter the app or website, and reactivate your listing at the click of a mouse, or the tap of a finger!

With that in mind, and because we take your feedback seriously, we recommend you click on “Mark as Rented” when you’ve found your ideal flatmate. You’ll be making the life of you and your fellow users much easier!

How to mark your room as rented?


– Tap on the bed icon to enter the listings section.

– Select the room that you just rented out

– Tap on the “Mark as rented” button, just below the image.

– Now select the person that you rented it out to.

– Tap “choose date” if you would like badi to remind you when your room is available to rent again

– Now select the moving out date that you agreed with your future flatmate.

Now your room has been successfully rented and your listing is no longer visible to other users.