How to decorate a small bedroom for style and space

Actualizado el Wednesday, 18 August, 2021

There are a multitude of perks to choosing a small home; not only is it typically cheaper, but you can get even more creative when expressing your interior design genius. After all, the size of a room doesn’t dull its potential to become a cosy yet contemporary space. Some would even argue that a more compact space is automatically more homely than a larger one, although there are definitely benefits to both. 

There are a plethora of things you can do to not only make the most of your bedroom but to maximise said potential and make it look much larger. Not sure where to get started? Here are our tips and tricks on how to decorate a small bedroom to create more space.

Light and airy colour scheme

While you may be tempted to paint your walls a funky colour, white and cream tones are far better for small spaces. Light, airy colours open out rooms and brighten them up, which makes even the smallest of spaces appear much larger.

Add a pop of colour with your choice of soft furnishings, including vibrant scatter cushions or metallic lamps and pieces of art, so it doesn’t look clinical. If you’re tempted to add more colour to your room, pick a light shade and opt to create a single feature wall rather than painting all of them.

Hang the curtains higher

To make the wall look taller and therefore extend the size of the room, try hanging the curtains higher than you normally would. Take advantage of the natural light windows provide and opt for curtains that are light in colour, as this will deceive the eye and visually lengthen the walls in a matter of seconds.

Choose your furniture carefully

As much as it may seem like it at first, it’s not necessary to spend fortune furnishing your bedroom. What you need is that the furniture fits the room perfectly – why set a huge table if you can accommodate a small or folding table that suits your needs? Having large pieces of furniture in a compact bedroom will simply make it look smaller and take up much-needed space. Instead, invest in removable or compactable furniture to ensure you aren’t overloading your space. IKEA is great for removable and compact furniture, and, with the right advice, you can save more money at IKEA too!

Bright white bedroom with desk and chair
Posters hanging on a brick wall above a bed
A laptop on a table beside a bed

Utilise mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for looking in, as they have a plethora of uses. One of the most important, in this case, is the ability to create the illusion of a much larger space. To do so, place a mirror in a space near a window so that the natural light can bounce off of it. This will not only brighten up your room but make it look significantly bigger in the process.

As well as a wall mirror, most people like to have a full-length mirror. Make the most of your space by getting one that hangs on the back of a door, which helps you avoid over cluttering the room itself. Hang it over your bedroom door or wardrobe to save on space without forgoing morning outfit checks.


As the saying goes, less is always more. This rings particularly true when you’re working with a small bedroom, which can quickly appear cluttered. Leave your floor as empty as possible, making sure to leave shoes and clutter neatly tidied away.

Every time you buy something, consider if you really need it or how much space it would take up. A minimalistic choice of furniture allows for a sleek style, but you can add cosiness to the bed with throws and pillows. Plus, the Scandinavian interior style has become very popular, which uses minimalism to create a stylish space.

Make the most of your space

As well as being careful as to what furniture you use, the placement of each item can make all of the difference. If you put the furniture in the middle of the room instead of stuck to the wall, for example, you gain the appearance of more space.

Another tip is to choose simple benches or individual armchairs instead of a huge sofa. If you don’t want to forgo a sofa in your bedroom, try to find a two-seater, corner or without arms. Accompany it with beanbags should you need more seats.

All of your space counts, so try to use it all. Mount the lights on the ceiling to free tables from bulky lamps that take up space and keep clutter to a minimum. Another great tip is to mount artwork and photo frames higher up on the wall, as this is thought to trick the eye and lengthen them.

Small bedroom storage ideas

You’ll be surprised how quickly your belongings can take up space, even when adopting a minimalistic style. Rather than overloading your room with boxes and piles of clothes, be smart about your storage. Floating shelves, under bed storage and over-the-door organisers are smart ways of making the most out of your space while keeping your belongings spick and span.

Gain space with sliding doors

Gain extra centimetres by installing sliding doors on your cabinets and wardrobe. The doors will not impede the passage surrounding them, allowing you to place other pieces of furniture closer than usual. If you have an en-suite, replace the shower curtain for a transparent glass screen as this automatically makes the room appear much larger.

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