How to decorate for Christmas in a small or shared space

Actualizado el Tuesday, 16 June, 2020

Decorating the house for Christmas is one of the most exciting parts of the season for many, allowing you to transform your home into the winter wonderland of your dreams. However, it can be challenging to meet your festive expectations when you have a small or shared space. It’s easy to go overboard during this time, but this will make your space look even smaller or cluttered.

On the other hand, you may have housemates that prefer to have subtle decorations, or don’t celebrate the holiday. It may sound impossible, but turning your home into a festive dream is possible regardless of the size of your space – even if you have to stick to the bedroom.

How to decorate for Christmas in a small space

From replacing the tree to putting the smell of Christmas in the air, putting a festive twist on any space doesn’t have to be a struggle. Follow our tips on how to decorate for Christmas in a small area for a dynamic decorative impact on a budget.

Christmas trees for small spaces

Traditional Christmas trees take up a considerable amount of space. Think outside the box rather than opting for a real tree and consider how you could represent one instead. Why not make your own wreath or a fabric panel adorned with a realistic tree drawing? You’ll be surprised by how effectively they work, plus these options put a modern spin on old traditions. Get creative with your choice and you’ll be wondering why you ever had a real tree in the first place.

A small Christmas tree covered in lights

Small Christmas decorations

Rather than opting for large ornate pieces, choose subtle yet stylish small Christmas decorations. Big decorations tend to overpower the space rather than flatter it, making it appear smaller than it is. Less is often more, and this is true even during the festivities. Mini garlands hung above the sofa, Christmas lights wrapped around stairs and subtle hanging decorations can create a mini winter wonderland in your home without taking up too much space.

Bedroom Christmas decorations

If the only space you have to yourself is your bedroom, don’t panic – you can still decorate for Christmas in style. Adorn your headboard with a garland, hang a stocking on the end of your bed and add an ornate display on your bedside table for an instant festive fix. This display could include candles, snowglobes and any other winter-related decoration that fills you with Christmas spirit.

Scented Christmas decorations

Bring the smell of Christmas cheer to the home with candles and other scented decorations. Choose from gingerbread, Christmas tree, cinnamon, as well as cranberry and orange, all of which are associated with the season. The bold scents are sure to ignite a sense of joy without taking over the area and making it appear cluttered. It doesn’t just have to be candles either; consider using potpourri, dried oranges or scented wreaths.

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