Cupboard storage ideas for every room in the house

Actualizado el Tuesday, 16 June, 2020

Keeping your home free of clutter may seem difficult, with bric-a-brac quickly building up and overtaking your space. Not only does this make your home look unorganised, but it can actually make your space seem much smaller.

While a major clean-up can help with some of your issues, there are some things that can’t be thrown away and require a permanent home in your house. Rather than struggling with a lack of space, tackle the issue head-on with our cupboard storage ideas for every room in the house.


  • Store spices neatly using jars of the same size, as they should fit beside each other in an orderly fashion.
  • Label some plastic tubs and drawers before filling with appropriate cleaning supplies. Place this under the kitchen sink for an easy to clean storage solution.
  • Rather than throwing away glass jars, use them as storage for items such as cereal, coffee, rice and sugar. You could even hold leftover food in them rather than buying plastic tubs, which is an easy way of being more eco-friendly. For those smaller jars, use them as snack or sauce holders.
  • Add dividers to kitchen drawers to keep all of your utensils and cutlery organised. This is particularly helpful if you’re sharing a space but use your own cutlery, as you can label whose is whose. You can buy separators, although it’s easy to make your own from cardboard.
  • Rather than leaving crockery loose in the cupboard, use racks and dividers. Not only does this keep your plates methodised, but it’s also helpful if, as mentioned above, you share your home with others.
Glass jars filled with food
Neatly organised cutlery drawer
Glass jars filled with different types of pasta


  • Rather than having your shoes cluttering up the floor, use some hanging storage. Place this on the inside of your wardrobe so you can get to your shoes with ease, all while keeping them out of sight.
  • Get some wire shelves for your closet; they are incredibly useful for jewellery, makeup and other accessories.
  • If you don’t have a wardrobe or it’s simply not big enough, add a clothing rack to your space. They don’t have to distract from your decor, as there are a plethora of stylish options to choose from, including trendy chrome clothing racks.

Living room

  • If you’re choosing a new coffee table, opt for one that has built-in storage. This will make organising smaller pieces of bric-a-brac much easier. You can also add some nice boxes to the drawers to keep items separated and organised.
  • Nesting tables are stylish and practical, making them a great addition to the living room. As they stack away neatly, they can be put away when not in use but offers additional space to place essential items.
  • Get creative with stacking boxes, choosing colours and patterns that blend in seamlessly with the style of your living room.


  • Items like cotton pads and buds look pretty unsightly, even when tucked into the medicine cabinet. Rather than leaving them in the plastic packaging, consider organising them in some ornate glass jars. Not only will it make the space look nicer, but it’s also easy to add a label to the bottom so people know they’re yours.
  • It may sound obvious to some, but shower caddies shouldn’t be overlooked. It keeps your bath items in one space, and you can easily remove it should you not want to leave them in the bathroom.

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