Creating a stylish bedroom office

Actualizado el Friday, 24 January, 2020

Imagine jumping out of bed ten minutes before you need to be at work, only to already be there. No, you haven’t fallen asleep in a bustling office – rather, your own bedroom is your workspace. More and more people are choosing to work remotely, citing the lack of commute and increase in flexibility as the reason for doing so. If you want to start working from home but lack the space you think you need, don’t rule it out. Instead, check out these bedroom office ideas from Badi and give your space a professional upgrade.

How to create office space in a bedroom

Decluttering is key to creating space, especially if you live in a small apartment or house. In the words of the wise Marie Kondo, let go of anything that doesn’t bring you joy to make more space in your bedroom. Think about it – do you really need that old sweater that you haven’t worn since school or that stack of storage containers piled full of stuff? Give anything you don’t need to those in need by donating it to charity.

Once that’s done, consider how much space your furniture will take up. Corner desks are a great option as they take up less room than standard types, slotting perfectly and discreetly into any vacant corner. Murphy beds are another practical choice as they fold up into a cupboard, creating more floor space and preventing the room from looking overly busy.

Speaking of cupboards, it has become a popular trend to hide office desks away in cupboards in the bedroom. Simply slot your desk and cork board in a closet for a mini home office that doesn’t impact the rest of the room.

If you don’t have a big enough cupboard, get a curtain or screen to create separate office and sleeping spaces. This will prevent you from getting distracted and climbing back into bed, which is a real temptation when sharing the space!

Bedroom office ideas

Once you’ve made enough space in your bedroom, you can start designing your new office area. Storage space is key to keeping the room looking homely yet professional. Limit clutter and keep all of your documentation safely preserved in storage containers or folders. Nobody wants to have piles of paper all over their desk, nor do they want it in the bedroom. Keep it tucked away and out of reach until you need it.

When it comes to decor, choose a style that ties the two sections of the room together. While separating work from home life is important, you don’t want to ruin the vibe of your bedroom. It is your personal space, after all. Look at your current furniture and find a desk that matches. Using some of the tips above – such as using a closet or curtain – can help create a divide between work and play while still reflecting your personal taste.

Find your perfect bedroom and office space with the help of Badi. Simply search for rooms in your location, find one you love and get talking with a landlord to see if you’re a match – it’s that easy.