How to create a winning listing for your room on Badi

Actualizado el Monday, 25 January, 2021

So, you’ve listed your room on Badi and are wondering what to do next? The Badi app pairs you with people who best match your preferences. This is where your profile comes in. The more information you provide about yourself, your room, and your preferences, the better your chances to be paired with the right tenants for you

The good news is that creating a killer listing is simple and pretty straightforward. Follow our tips below and you’ll be welcoming your new tenant in no time.

One room, one listing

Badi is all about sharing. That means that entire flats are not available for rent on the platform, only individual rooms. You can rent out multiple rooms from your flat, but you need to create them as separate listings. One room, one listing. Simple.

Similarly, even if you’re a property owner with a portfolio of multiple rooms, you can’t create a master listing and offer the entire portfolio in the description section. The same rules apply: one room, one listing.

Every room you rent on Badi must be set up as a separate listing
Each listing should showcase one room, in as much detail as possible

Provide all the information

To up your chances of renting out your room quickly and efficiently, make sure to include all the information a tenant may need. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself: “If I were looking for a place to live, what would I need to know?” To make the most of Badi, we recommend you do the following:

  • Tick all the amenities offered in the room and the shared spaces. Tenants will use this information to filter out any properties that don’t include what they’re looking for, so you will only be in touch with people who have a true interest in your place.
  • Add an informative description to your listing. This should include information on the room itself, the shared areas in the flat, the neighbourhood, and even the house rules. The more information you provide from the start, the less time you’ll spend in your inbox explaining it all on a one-to-one basis.
  • Set up the monthly rent and specify whether it includes utility bills or not.  If a deposit needs to be paid, say so as well. Being upfront about all the costs saves you any potential misunderstandings in the future.
  • Finally, set a correct availability date so that you can be paired with tenants who correctly match your availability criteria.

Step up your photography game

As cliché as it may sound, an image is worth a thousand words, especially when trying to appeal to customers online. So naturally, images have the power to make or break your listing.

You don’t necessarily need a professional camera and tons of expertise – with a good smartphone camera and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can take solid photos to add to your listing.

Follow these easy tips on how to take quality photos for your room listing on Badi
Images have the power to make or break your listing, so use them smartly

Knowing that first impressions count the most, and especially so in an online setting, here’s our top advice on how to take good photos of your property:

It’s all about the light

Good natural lighting is essential for a good photograph of your interior space, especially if you’re taking photos with your phone. So make sure you take the photos during the day, open the curtains, and let the light flood in. However, it is important not to shoot towards the windows. Due to a very high contrast, whatever is in front of the window (i.e. the room) will be quite dark. So for best results, turn your back to the windows and shoot towards the room. 

Keep it sharp

Keeping your photos sharp will make your space look sleeker and inspire a sense of trust. What causes blurry photos is often the slight movement of your hand as you take the photo. The easiest way to control it is to secure the phone on a tripod and use a timer option to take the photo. There are many DIY tripod options out there if you don’t have one already.

Shoot from the corners

Shooting from the corner of the room allows you to take in a wider view of the room. This is especially helpful if the room is rather small. However, avoid using any distortion effects your phone may offer, such as the fish-eye effect. You want to show the best of your space, but keep it real at the same time.

Mind the perspective

Don’t take photos while kneeling on the floor or from too high up, as this will lend a very unnatural perspective to the space. A shooting height similar to the one where you’re sitting in a chair gives a very pleasing natural perspective, but shooting at eye level as you stand is also good.

Highlight the details

Needless to say, keep the flat clean and neat when you take photos. But also remember to highlight the unique and interesting details of your home. Combine wide-angle shots we mentioned above with detail shots for a bit of storytelling. If your phone camera app happens to have a portrait function, this is where it comes in handy. Taking a close-up shot with the portrait function on will give you that soft, creamy background and make your subject truly pop out.

For a good interior shot, it's important to show a wide-angle view in combination with details that add life to the image
Combine wide-angle and detail shots for a bit of storytelling

Avoid filters and special effects

And lastly, keep it natural. You want your place to shine, but you don’t want to create any false impressions. So stay away from filters and special effects, such as a fish-eye view. If anything, apply minimal auto-enhancement directly in your phone camera app, which mostly improves the quality of the light in your image. Alternatively, you can use the Snapseed app to lightly edit your photos, but remember to keep it real.

Keep it authentic

Needless to say, always only upload your own photos that truly represent your property. Screenshots of existing photos published elsewhere are not only a false representation of your room, but they usually appear pixelated on the users’ screen, thus making you look unprofessional. Similarly, don’t upload photos with watermarks, even if they’re your own, as this may actually be perceived as suspicious from the users’ perspective.

And once your profile is all spruced up? Sit back as we send you tenant profile recommendations and pick the ones you like best. You can get to know them better through the Badi inbox and complete the booking process in a few simple clicks.

Want more tips on how to find quality tenants for your rental property? Check out the Badi blog for more usefl user tips.