Careers to start from home

Do you ever wonder how many businesses are really set up from home? It is probably more than you think! The number of people working from home has increased significantly over the past few years, and now more than ever, people are trying to become creative setting up online businesses from anywhere in the world. So, after all your binge watching, why not set up your own business? All you really need is internet connection, a laptop and some really good motivation.

There are plenty of home-based business ideas, so let’s go through a few to see if we can find the right one for you.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve written a blog before, so why not turn that hobby into a job? It is probably one of the most obvious ones, but also the one you may not realise you can really make a living from. The first thing to do is choose a platform where your blog is displayed – WordPress and Blogger may be the most popular ones, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Next, you need to think about a particular topic you are passionate about. Whether it is about food (my favourite), travel or even education, there is always an audience for it, you just need to get creative. So, turn that childhood dream into a reality and you can start making some money now.

Online Marketing Consultant

This work-from-home career is the broadest of them all, so you are bound to find the right job for you – the list is endless! From becoming an online data analyst to a search engine optimisation specialist, you will discover the world of online marketing which has infinite potential.

There are plenty of companies out there who look for advice on how to grow online as we are part of the digital world. You may think that to become a successful marketer you need to find a job within a company and work your way up. However, by becoming self-employed, you can make yourself far more employable as businesses look for individual experts. Quite often you will need a degree in Business or Marketing. However, if you have little expertise in the area or want to scrub up your knowledge, then there are ways you can start with online courses and reading articles online. So grab a cuppa and start learning.

Freelance Content Writer

All businesses, small and large, will be posting online content to make a name for their company. Businesses look for content that can convert and become meaningful for them, so you will definitely be a valuable asset. If you are a skilled writer, then look at the content writer options. Companies even look for proofreaders to read over work to check for errors or improvements to ease readability. The main skills you will need to enter the world of content writing is a strong writing ability and great time management skills to meet deadlines.

Freelancing means you have the ability to determine your own workload and it is a great career start, especially if you are looking to enter the world of journalism, as you can build up your portfolio. However, this also means that you need to work hard in order to secure deals as it is not always secure and steady. The key to becoming a successful freelance content writer is to constantly pitch ideas clearly, choose the right publications for you and don’t give up when you are not chosen. In addition to all this, you will be getting lots of different types of experience, which is great for perfecting your CV.

Freelance content writer working from home


If you have a native-level proficiency in another language and are a meticulous writer in your own language, then taking up a translation job may be a good idea for you. Companies often look for translators when they are branching out into a new country or location, which is sort of like travelling all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

What skills do you need to become a language translator? As said, you need expert language skills but you may also be required to have a good cultural awareness, in order to make you the perfect person for the job. These are jobs that you can easily do at home, so scratch up on your language skills now. Oh, and they have great pay too, with the most unusual of languages often giving the greatest pay.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen lessons taught online from primary level to degree level. This change in teaching has boosted the demand for teachers and tutors who are able to work online, yet even in normal times there has always been a significant demand in the growing market. Alongside having skills in a certain subject, as an online tutor you will also need to be patient with your students, while creating relevant and fun content to keep your students engaged. This is a highly rewarding job as you see your students grow because of your hard work.

The best part about tutoring is that you can go through a company already set up and running, yet still pick your hours and choose your rates, making yourself your own boss. So, if you have a passion for a particular subject, then this could be the job for you.

Personal tutor working from home

So, here you have it. There are many ways you can turn working from home into a full time job and it is the perfect time to become creative. But, if you are looking for more of a sideline project to fill up any time spent at home, then it is worth checking out companies who are looking for participants in market research – plenty are searching for people to voice their opinions via testing products or completing surveys.

Hopefully this guide has inspired you to get creative. Happy job hunting and good luck!