Can you decorate a rented flat? 5 ways you can

[nectar_gradient_text heading_tag=”h6″ color=”extra-color-gradient-2″ gradient_direction=”horizontal” text=”There’s nothing quite like walking through the front door and settling down, especially when you’ve made your home your own. Even those in rental properties don’t have to miss out on this feeling, despite the assumption that you can’t decorate the space. Most landlords understand that putting your own spin on the place is an essential part of turning a house into a home. Many are now a little more relaxed when it comes to tenants decorating their rental property. “]

Can you decorate a rented flat?

Don’t jump feet first into giving your rented property a makeover, there are a few things you should check first. Always read over your tenancy agreement before changing anything in the house, especially if you’re planning on changing the bigger things such as kitchen cabinets. Most of these contracts have a section regarding decorating which will detail the basics, at the very least. 
Regardless, it is wise to have a chat with your landlord to get their permission when doing any painting or permanent changes. Many landlords request that you leave the property the same as it was when you first moved in, especially if you have a short term contract. However, others are happy for you to make changes if it improves the property or can be changed back before you leave. 

Cheap ways to decorate a rented property

There are plenty of ways to decorate a rental house and still get your deposit back. After checking exactly what your landlord is okay with you to do, try implementing a couple of these changes around the home for a makeover on a budget: 


With a multitude of different types to choose from, plants can really brighten up and add vibrant personality to a room. They’re cheap to buy from a local garden centre and you’ll be able to find species that suit the level of commitment you’re willing to give. Plants look beautiful when dotted around the home, especially on windowsills and in empty corners to fill space. 


It’s incredible just how much a rug can really change up the atmosphere of the place, no matter the size of it. Try incorporating your favourite patterns and colours into the colour scheme to show off some of your personality. Adding a rug can really jazz up a room, especially if you have plain flooring.

Feature wall

Got the okay to give the place a lick of paint from your landlord? Rather than going for a basic white shade all over, get creative with a feature wall. Whether you’re an artist in the making or relying on stencils, making your own feature wall is really fun and will instantly upgrade the room.

Fairy lights

Giving off an adorable yet romantic glow, fairy lights are great at brightening up dark corners or wrapped around bed posts. Make sure they’re turned off when you aren’t in the room and that you use non-stain white tack to stick them up on walls.

Soft furnishings

Easy to change up at a moment’s notice, soft furnishings help you put your own twist on each room without changing it permanently. From sofa cushions to curtains, you can give your home a splash of colour or that sleek monochrome look in an instant. You can change them whenever you please, allowing you to follow trends and give your home a new look with ease.
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Now that you’ve gotten some useful decorating tips, it’s time to find the ideal property! Use Badi’s easy to use filters and chat function to find your perfect rental home in seconds.