Do you live in a home painted with white painted walls? If you’re reading this at home, perhaps you understand what we’re talking about.

The first time you visited the flat, you fell in love with in the minimalist Scandinavian style, but little more than a year on you find yourself staring at these walls and envisioning something new, something that can bring these walls to life.

To help you find the interior designer in you, we will give you a few ideas on painting the walls in your home. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and envisage wowing your friends and family with something out of the ordinary. Just remember, paint is a pain and it gets everywhere, really everywhere, so tomorrow when you go into the London underground, pick up as many Metro newspapers as you can get your hands on and use them to cover the floors and remove any furniture from the room in question.

1. Paint geometric shapes using adhesive tape

All you need to bring life to your walls is some adhesive tape and some paint pots. To start, align the tape so that it forms the shape you want: triangles, diamonds, circles and rectangles. Just let your imagination run wild!

2. Paint the interior of your home

If you and your flatmates are Banksy fans, then why not take a leaf out of his book and dedicate a wall to one of his designs by using a stencil and paint. Or for the graffiti fans, choose your favourite design and paint it on your wall.

3. Use chalkboard paint

With this simple strategy, you can’t go wrong! Perfect for those who are not DIY savvy. Just rock up to the nearest store DIY store and look for chalkboard paint. Once home, getting painting and before you know it, you have your own blackboard ready to be personalized!

We hope these tips have helped to inspire and don’t hesitate to share your own ideas with the badi community.