The best brunch spots in Shoreditch

Actualizado el Monday, 25 January, 2021

Artsy and lively, there’s always something going on Shoreditch. This quirky yet unmistakably modern district of London is the top choice for those looking to soak up the hipster side to the bustling capital city. 

With an eclectic array of contemporary bars and trendy restaurants around every corner, foodies are spoilt for choice. What could be a better way to experience this vibrant area of London than heading out for lunch? Well, brunch of course. 

Offering the perfect excuse for a little day-drinking, Shoreditch is packed full of unique brunch spots, and each offers a distinct atmosphere. Whether you’re a regular bruncher or a total newbie, picking the perfect restaurant can be tricky when there are so many options. If you’re heading to Shoreditch, start your day off the right way with a trip to these brunch hot spots.


Specialising in vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free meals, Redemption is for those who want a tasty brunch without the guilt. If you’re the type that thinks healthy meals can’t be as delicious as those with sugar or dairy, you’ll be proven wrong at this brunch bar. Tuck into pancakes with coconut yoghurt, fruit and lashings of sweet syrup. Prefer a savoury snack? Opt for their Korean spicy BBQ jack bap, which features slow-cooked BBQ jackfruit, kimchi slaw and a charcoal brioche bun.

Redemption, of the best brunch spots in Shoreditch
For a tasty brunch without the guilt, head over to Redemption


If you crave Italian food, Gloria is the ultimate brunch spot for you. Decked out in retro 70s decor, this traditional Trattoria boasts an extensive menu filled with classic and contemporary combinations. This includes pizza, pasta and salads with a selection of toppings to satisfy all taste buds, including vegan options. Sample delicious burrata arrabbiata; hand-made linguine featuring their signature tomato sauce with fresh burrata cheese. If that isn’t for you, try the animal lover pizza. This vegan dish features San Marzano tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms and vegan pesto. What could be better?

Trattoria Gloria in Shoredith, London
Gloria boasts an extensive menu filled with classic and contemporary combinations (image credits: Joann Pai)

Ozone Coffee Roasters

With a light, airy atmosphere and the most flavoursome coffee in Shoreditch, even those who are difficult to please will adore Ozone Coffee Roasters. This spot shows off London’s coffee culture perfectly, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed brunch experience in a comforting environment. Serving everything from spiced banana bread and eggs benedict to larger breakfast dishes, you’re spoilt for choice at Ozone Coffee Roasters.

Ozone Coffee Roasters in Shoreditch, London
Ozone Coffee Roasters knows their coffee


Experience a different side to brunch by heading to Dishoom, a traditionally styled Irani Cafe inspired by those in Bombay. Sample some of the best Indian food in the area – if not London – while enjoying the homely vibe this cafe provides and sipping on classic cocktails. Combine the chicken ruby curry with some naan bread and rice or dine on vegetable Pau Bhaji; either way, you’ll never want to leave this brunch spot.

Dishoom, one of the best brunch places in Shoreditch
Sample some of the best Indian food in the area at Dishoom

Hoi Polloi

Located in the heart of Ace Hotel, Hoi Polloi is a hip, contemporary brasserie. Adorned with glistening mirrors and backed with wooden panels, the interior reflects the natural yet modern nature of Shoreditch. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian, you’ll find a delicious option to tuck into at Hoi Polloi. If the copious amount of food and the gorgeous interior isn’t enough for you, you’ll be treated to live music by a string quartet. Just check the website to make sure you don’t miss out.

Hoi Polloi, one of the top brunch spots in Shoreditch
Hoi Polloi is a hip, contemporary brasserie located inside Ace Hotel


Famed for its laid back ambience and fresh seasonal cuisine, Lantana Café offers a slice of Australia in the heart of London. The rustic interior creates a naturally chilled out atmosphere; paired with a delectable selection of cocktails and unique dishes, it’s no wonder why Lantana has become such a popular hot spot in Shoreditch. Choose from a wide selection of Aussie-inspired food, including delicious salads and poke bowls, all of which are incredibly fresh.

Lantana Café in Shoreditch, London
Lantana Café offers a slice of Australia in the heart of London

The Good Life Diner 

Imagine stacks of pancakes covered in thick maple syrup and topped with fresh strawberries, all washed down with a rich milkshake. There’s not much better for someone with a sweet tooth. The Good Life Diner offers all of this and much more; their all-day breakfast menu has something for all tastes and dietary requirements. It has all of the charms of a vintage American diner – and you don’t have to leave the country to experience it.

Best brunch spots in Shoreditch, London
All of the charms of a vintage American diner in the heart of Shoreditch

Unity Diner

Sustainable, non-profit and 100% vegan, Unity Diner is an establishment with a heart. All of their profits go directly towards an animal rights group, plus they do their best to limit waste such as single-use plastic. Not into salads? Don’t worry, Unity Diner proves that plant-based food is so much more than that. The expansive menu covers everything from loaded fries and burgers to vegan fish stack, so you certainly aren’t short of choice.

Unity Diner in Shoredith, London
Unity Diner serves delicious veggies burgers

So what are you waiting for? Grab your flatmates and start your tour of our top brunch spots in Shoreditch.

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