Best board games to play with your flatmates

Actualizado el Thursday, 23 April, 2020

If you asked us what we thought all flatshares should have as an absolute must, do you know what we’d say? No, not a cleaning rota… a games night! It’s a great way to get to know your flatmates better and create a sociable flatshare. So, this Thursday, instead of clearing off down the pub, get everyone out their rooms and into the living room, it’s time to play!

Like the idea but not sure which board games to go for? No need to resort to Monopoly just yet, we’ve got you covered.

The “get-to-know-your-flatmates” board games

If a new flatmate has just moved in, or if you have a current one that spends too much time in their room, these are the games for you. After a couple of games you’ll know as much about them as their childhood friends do and the ice will be well and truly broken!

It’s all about you

Players: 3 +    Time: 40 mins +    Skills: Lucky guesser | Chatterbox

The aim of the game is simple, so it’s a great one to dive straight into. Players take it in turns to read out set questions about themselves which the other players then have to guess the answer to. If you aren’t reading the questions, you should be guessing, so all players are involved 100% of the time!

Board games to play with flatmates

Two truths and a tall tale

Players: 3 +    Time: 40 mins +    Skills: Pokerface | Cool under pressure

This one will help you recognise when your flatmates are telling the truth or not. So the next time you ask who left the toilet seat up and everyone denies it, you’ll see straight through the guilty culprit! The rules are simple, read out three facts, two of which are true, one is false. Work out your flatmate’s tell and correctly guess the false ones to win.

The “win-at-all-costs” board games

Next up we’ve got the competitive ones. These are all about winning, so if you’re after a nice relaxing evening mid-week it’s probably best to skip to the next section. If you take your board games as seriously as we do, read on.


Players: 4 +     Time: 40 mins +    Skills: Cool under pressure | Egghead

This fast-paced classic will turn your once silent living room into a buzzy hub of laughter and chatter in an instant (there may also be some panicked shouting as the timer runs out!). The rules are simple enough. Working in teams of two or three, describe different words for your teammates to guess without saying “rhymes with” or “sounds like”. The more correct answers you get before the timer runs out, the quicker you move around the board!

Nothing Personal

Players: 3-5     Time: 60 mins +    Skills: Tactical | Sly

Very different to Articulate, but every bit as competitive! This mafia game actively encourages you to do everything and anything to win. Get ready to negotiate, backstab, blackmail and bribe your way to victory in true mafia style. Take turns playing “influence cards” to gradually build your gangster empire to take down the other players.

Board games to play with your flatmates

The “let’s-be-on-the-same-team” board games

Not in the mood to compete? Or perhaps you’re prone to taking it too seriously? Fear not, these ones will get you working together on the same team, so no danger of the board being thrown upside down an hour in.

221B Baker Street

Players: 2-6      Time: 60-90 mins      Skills: Expert sleuth | Team player

Turn your flat into the famous 221B Baker Street and bring out your inner sleuth for the night! With 200 cases custom-written for the game, players are tasked with making their way around London (AKA the board) picking up clues to solve each one. 


Players: 2-6       Time: 60-90 mins      Skills: Artist | Creative

This one’s great if you don’t fancy competing, but you do want a faster-paced game. Each player has their own drawing book, they take a card and have to draw what’s on their card in the time given. Once the time’s up, all players pass their drawing books to the player next to them who has to guess what the drawing is. The drawing books get passed again and each player has to draw the guess. In theory, your drawing book should make its way back to you with all the same guesses and drawings as you were originally given. In practice though, you’ll end up with all sorts!

The “works-in-all-languages” board games

The next couple have been carefully chosen for all those international flatshares out there. Games like Articulate are great, but they can quickly turn into an extra-intense language lesson if you’re playing in a second language! So if you want to take the language advantage out of it, try these.

Game for fame

Players: 2-6      Time: 60-90 mins  Skills: Full of energy | Outgoing

This one’s an all-out action game and will have you and your flatmates rolling around laughing from the get-go. The game is easy, compete for fame and fortune by completing all sorts of mad tasks, from ‘Best silly selfie’ to ‘Best slow mo running’. The winner is the player who finishes with the most money. Perfect for letting off steam after a day of meetings!

Flatmates playing games


Players: 2-4      Time: 40-60 mins  Skills: Tactical | Diplomatic

Here’s some variety if you want another game where language is no barrier. The ever-popular Catan sees players compete against each other to develop their primitive settlements on the island of Catan into the biggest colony. How? By rolling the dice and negotiating to gain more natural resources than their opponents to turn towns into cities and farmers into knights.

The “this-is-serious” board games

Is there a lot riding on your next games night? Maybe the winner doesn’t have to clean the communal bathroom for a month, or the loser has to fund the winner’s next pub night? These are for the serious board gamers.

Tension: the top 10 naming game

Players: 4-6      Time: 40 mins +     Skills: Egghead | Competitive

Get ready to test your general knowledge under pressure. Sort your flat into teams for the night and guess the exact 10 options that are on the card for your given subject before the time runs out. Everything from ‘10 Ed Sheeran’ songs to ‘10 UK counties’. Win by making your way around the board before the other team!


Players: 2-4      Time: 60 mins +     Skills: Strategic | Ruthless

Last but not least, we have the only classic to make it onto our list. All games of Risk are serious. So if you and your flatmates are settled in for the night, the legendary game of strategy and expansion is perfect. Gradually build your army to take down your enemies and win by conquering the board.

There you have it, our list of top flat-sharing board games. So, pick a night, advertise it in your flatmates WhatsApp group (attendance compulsory) and start creating your very own flatshare tradition now!  And if you don’t agree with any of our choices, we want to know! Head over to our Instagram page and tell us your preferences along with any funny in-game action shots or videos.

In the meantime, happy board gaming!