Uncover hidden treasures at Berlin’s best flea markets

Actualizado el Thursday, 12 August, 2021

We’ve all missed a lot of things about our day-to-day lives during the lockdown. Berlin just isn’t Berlin when we’re all confined to our homes. I’ve got good news for you though, Berlin’s legendary flea markets have now reopened! So, gather your flatmates, prepare your cash and pennies, free up plenty of space in your backpack and head out to these truly unique flea markets and see what you can discover!

The antique and book market, near the river Spree

When does it open?
11am – 5pm every Saturday & Sunday
Where is it?
Am Kupfergraben 2, Mitte

First up on our list is one for all the book lovers out there. It’s great timing, because after months of being cooped up in your flat, your book collection is probably in need of a good refresh. As with any great flea market, you’ll have to spend some time searching to get to the good ones, but that’s part of the fun!

If books aren’t your thing, this one is still worth a visit. You’ll also find some quirky antiques to give your flat a much-needed post-lockdown makeover. And as if all the books and antiques on offer weren’t enough, it’s a genuinely nice day out with family and friends, right next to the river Spree.

Our top tip: If you can, make an early start! That way you’ll have the first option on all the best books and antiques. You’ll also avoid the midday heat in the process.

Fesche Lotte

When does it open?
11am – 6pm every other Saturday, May to September
Where is it?
Kranoldplatz, Neukölln

This next one is for all the hipsters out there. Especially if you’re a keen fan of vintage clothing. Delve through classic clothing from years gone by and see if you can uncover some hidden gems for your wardrobe. It’s also a great option if you plan to go shopping with someone that isn’t as keen on shopping as you are – there are plenty of other reasons that make this market well worth visiting.

Simply soak up the atmosphere with a beer and a snack with background music to create those holiday vibes. You can also give yourself a makeover with an edgy beard trim or haircut, and, if you’re really brave, you can get a tattoo!

There’s even plenty to keep children entertained for hours with all kinds of workshops on offer, such as how to arrange bouquets of flowers.

Our top tip: If you’re looking for something really unique, keep an eye out for the handmade jewellery on offer!

Rathaus Schöneberg Flea market

When does it open?
8am – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday, May to September
Where is it?
John F. Kennedy Square 1, Schöneberg

Next up is a local favourite. If you want to feel like a real Berliner, look no further than the Rathaus Schöneberg flea market. The best thing about this one is its variety. There really is something for everyone here.

By paying the Rathaus Schöneberg flea market a visit, you’ll be joining illustrious company – the market boasts none other than JF Kennedy as one of its past visitors!

Our top tip: Don’t want to spend your cash? Then bring a few bits and pieces you’d like to trade and try your luck that way. This is one of the only markets that still accepts trade-ins as well as cash!

Marheinekeplatz flea market

When does it open?
10am – 4pm every Saturday; 11am – 5pm every Sunday
Where is it?
Marheinekeplatz, Kreuzberg

Set in the historic town square in the Bergmannkiez and in the ever-popular Kreuzberg neighbourhood, this one is as much about the location as it is about the great deals to be found. As you might expect from a Kreuzberg-based market, you’ll also find plenty of restaurants, cafes and food stalls to pick from, so you can turn it into a full day out without worrying about going hungry!

And, of course, you’ll still find all the retro CDs, records, vintage clothing and antiques you’d expect to find in a Berlin flea market.

Our top tip: This market bravely continues to open during the Berlin winter, so you can visit all year round!

Arkonaplatz flea market

When does it open?
10am – 4pm every Sunday
Where is it?
Arkonaplatz, Mitte

Another excellent option if you plan on taking the whole family on your flea-market trip. It’s right next to a particularly large and constantly-buzzy playground, so as soon as your children start to show signs of boredom in the shops, you can bribe them with a half-an-hour play!

You’ll find all the usual flea-market offerings as well as some great furniture stalls. This is a particularly good one to check out if you fancy giving your flat a post-lockdown makeover!

Our top tip: A great option for hot and sunny days. The market is surrounded by old lime trees giving you some much needed shade.

Art and flea market

When does it open?
10am – 4pm every Saturday and Sunday
Where is it?
Fehrbelliner Platz 1, Wilmersdorf

If you’re an artsy person, this one is definitely for you. As well as the classic flea market stands, you’ll also find the art promenade. You’ll be lured in by its distinctive red carpet, right opposite the Parkcafé, and be immediately taken by the numerous interesting paintings, elegant jewellery, quirky drawings and even some off-the-wall furniture.

Flea market on Straße des 17. Juni

When does it open?
10am – 5pm every Saturday and Sunday
Where is it?
Straße des 17. June, Charlottenburg

Founded in 1978, this is the oldest flea market in the city. Look out for the classic cabinets used by farmers as well as eye-catching porcelain from the past. Make sure you also check out the handcraft market where you’ll find lovely knitwear, wooden toys, ceramic pieces and much more.

If you need a break, just head to one of the many restaurants that surround the market, or pick something up from the food stands in the market grounds.

Our top tip: If you finish your shopping early, head to the Great Zoo. It’s right next to the market.

Nowkölln flea market

When does it open?
10am – 5pm every other Sunday
Where is it?
Maybachufer, Neukölln

Does original design sound right up your street? Then this one could be for you. All manner of designers head here every other Sunday to set up their stalls and sell their printed shirts, handmade jewellery and accessories.

If you’re really interested in design and style, you should check out the textile market on Saturdays!

Our top tip: Once you’ve visited the Sunday market, come back on a Tuesday or a Friday and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables at the neighbouring BiOriental market.

There you have it, our list of top flea markets in Berlin. Whether you’re after vintage clothing for your summer wardrobe, unique furniture to level up your flat or just a nice sunny day out with the family, start exploring them now! More on Berlin on the Badi blog.