Badi, the two-sided marketplace that makes city living accessible to everyone, today reveals a new logo and fully updated visual identity to start its expansion in Europe.  

Founded in September 2015, in less than two years, badi has become the leader of the room rental market in Spain with a record of 760.000 matches between listers and seekers in only 2017 and 10.000.000 rental requests.  Badi fills a gap in the market where there is an increasing need.

A few months back, badi received a Series A funding round. This allowed the company to continue growing and keep up with the overwhelming demand on an international scale. This year, badi is moving into new booming markets such as London, Paris & Amsterdam where there is a significant growth in organic traffic and a lot of evidence that shows the high demand of customers in these cities.


Originally inspired by the word “buddy”, he turned this word into badi to make it sound catchy. As his main idea was to connect people who want to live together, he was convinced that “buddy” was the perfect concept to demonstrate the power of building connections.

In a house, the most important thing is not the space but the relationships you have with the people you share. This is like bringing a piece of joy to daily life such as sharing a simple piece of toast with your flatmates.  With our first logo, composed of two slices of bread overlapping, which sets them apart from the cliché of a symbol of a house used by almost all real estate agencies, we wanted to put the message across that making a home is about people.

When we looked back, we realized that we needed to update our brand with a fresher look that reflects the values and beliefs of our trustworthy community and also the maturity of our product.

So, our amazing creative team updated in-house the current logo which features a modified and modern version of the slices of bread following three pillars: authenticity, modernity, and recognition to the digital world. We wanted to keep the slices of bread cool and captivating to break the standard vision people have of the real estate market.

To design the new logo, we isolated all the elements in their purest form. The overlapping forms express connectivity, whilst the square forms with rounded corners suggest the “toast” of the old logo. This new logo keeps showing the connections between people with a modern look and completely optimized to the digital world.

The colour fade represents the evolution of the business. Green for our origins, blue for the implementation of trustworthy new features and purple for prosperous worldwide connections. This new look and feel express our identity and community beliefs more profoundly.

We crafted a modern and fresh new brand identity that brings us one step closer to our dream of being the world’s best real estate platform.


The new product is more seamless, intuitive & user-friendly. It delivers a better User Experience improving our security & social interactions. During this year, we will reinforce trust, diversity, reliability in an online secure environment with the launch of new exciting features and product updates.


Trust and safety remain the cornerstone of our marketplace. With our room booking system “Book Now”, we can more readily establish and maintain user trust and security.  “Book Now” allows you to book a room even if you are on the other side of the world. From now on, Seekers and Listers can send booking requests to the roommate they want to live with.

Acting as an escrow agent, badi will withhold the booking amount until 48 hours after the entry date of the seeker into the new room. We actively developed this feature to avoid being scammed on our platform and provide online secure payments for our entire community. At badi, we take your safety seriously and believe this feature has the ability to meaningfully enhance the Badi Experience.


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