A few weeks ago, we launched a super competition across the various social networks that badi is present on.

We asked all the people that rent a room using badi that found the ideal flatmate, to harness their creative side and design a living room renovation project with the grand prize of 2,000 € going to the winner! But how would you and your flatmates redesign your living room?

We have to say that we had a staggering amount of high quality entries, ranging from game themed living rooms, to 50’s style theme and even to skatepark living room concepts! We really saw it all! It seems that for those lucky enough to live with people who share common interests, redesigning your living room must be a lot of fun😎

If you have an unconditional love for music, then naturally you would have more in common with someone that likes the same style of music as you right? So just imagine if you could live with someone like that, you could have a whole wall dedicated to the best vinyls that exist, or an eclectic set of guitars hanging up just waiting to be played!

But what about the video gamers out there? Well imagine creating a room full of the latest gen consoles and technology, kitted out with headsets and immersed in virtual reality. For the eco-warriors amongst you, imagine creating a hydroponic vertical farm right in your living room. The options and creativity are vast and endless thanks to two or more minds that think alike!

When Daniela (25 years old) and her inseparable flatmates (Rocío et Ingrid) won this competition 🏆, they decided they would renovate their living room based on their passion for movies and travelling. And we made that dream a reality!

“I would like to paint a map of the world on the wall, I dream of having a vintage sofa and a projector to watch our T.V series on the big screen and a coffee table to play cards with my flatmates. I would decorate the place with postcards and souvenirs from past trips that are precious to us.”   –  Daniela

Before and After...

It was a real pleasure to help out Daniela, Rocio and Ingrid make their dream come true. These 3 adorable girls share an apartment in the Clot, a calm & quiet neighbourhood in Barcelona. They have one unmistakeable point in common: a great sense of humor!

“I am really happy with the end-result, the decoration is just sublime! The T.V just arrived just in time for the World Cup, and we’re all big fans!”

Daniela told us that she was thrilled with the living room renovation.

If you also live with amazing flatmates and want to renovate your living room, send us your most crazy/funny story about living together to info@badi.com. Our team will choose the most original and publish it on our blog and social media channels!