7 plants that will survive through the harsh winter

Actualizado el Tuesday, 17 August, 2021

Winter is coming soon! For some, it might be the most magical season of the year, and for others, it might be their worst nightmare. Winter brings along very harsh weather: heavy snow storms, piercing cold breezes and unstoppable rainfalls. No matter how well you try to stay warm and cozy at home next to the fireplace or radiator, your summer plants will surely suffer from the effects of the deathly winter. And somehow, your home has become bare naked and lifeless without a bit of mother nature’s touch.

It’s time to lighten up and add some life back to your living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen with some colorful greens and vivid shades. By doing so, you are contributing to our eco-friendly duties while decorating with plants.  We have compiled a list of 7 plants that will survive any rough winter and the best of all, they require minimal care from your part. Before you know it, you and your flatmates will be thankful for the extra degrees that these plants will add to warm up your abode.

Pine tree

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is right around the corner. In addition to your human-size Christmas tree, you can also add a smaller pine tree that will fit perfectly anywhere in your home. These little pine trees will never lose their green thinly leaves and are persistent to the coldest weather of all. Make sure to appreciate the daily dose of fresh pine aroma that you will get floating around your home.

Poinsettia or “Christmas Flower”

Another plant to add to the Christmas flow, the poinsettias or best known as “Christmas flowers” are one of the best sellers during the holiday season. It comes in many colour varieties that will give a coziness feel to your home. Although the poinsettias require a little bit more of care, don’t let it intimate you from getting 1 or 2 this winter. Little water is needed and natural sunlight is indispensable for its survival.

Cacti and Succulents

By definition, all cacti are considered to be succulents, due to the fact that they store water in their stems, roots and leaves. Their incredible ability to retain a great amount of water makes them strong to survive in cold-winter climates all year-round. These great low-maintenance plants can be found in almost every market. They come in many shapes and textures that will add an exotic touch to any place you decide to put them.  During winter, these plants only need to be watered once in a while and can survive with a few hours of direct sunlight exposure.

The Aromatics

Rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, oregano and many other herbs, can very well adapt in a cold climate. Don’t let their small fragile leaves scare you away, these plants will be extremely happy with just a few watering sessions and a sunny bright window to look at. These herbs will not only add life to your kitchen or living room, but they will also help you turn all your meals with your flatmates into a Michelin-star dish. It will definitely be handy to have fresh herbs at your reach to turn that simple veggie soup into a gourmet entrée.

Snake plant

Even the most terrible plant parent can maintain snake plants alive. These long straight leafy plants can be neglected for weeks in a dark corner without any direct sunlight and water. And they will maintain their long elegant fresh shape. With the snake plant, you won’t have to fight with your flatmates over who will water them next!

Aerial plants

These air plants thrive without any soil, their roots are above the ground, making it one of the easiest plants to care for -in a sense almost unkillable-. They come in in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and can be hung or placed anywhere around your home. Their out-of-this-world appearances will give any corner a rustic look. All they need are occasional water-sprays or an overnight water-soak.

Christmas Tree

Christmas is not complete without a well-decorated tree. Channel your inner-festive-decorator and go a little bit crazy to brighten up that tree. Get your flatmate/s involved in putting the tree together, singing next to Michael Bublé. Whether you decide to go with a real or an artificial tree, both option will bring joy to your living room. A well kept real tree will last you about a month -enough time for the holiday- before it starts to dry out. On the other hand, the artificial tree will last you a few or many Christmas seasons!

No matter what type of winter plant you and your flatmate/s decide to get, it will sure brighten up and add a few extra degrees to your home with minimal care.

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