London is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities to live and work in the world, but has quickly become one of the most expensive, too. Buying or renting a home in the centre is too costly for many, yet the lure of city living isn’t swayed that easily.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade in your career or simply want to live near somewhere with an incredible buzz, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams of London. Instead, choose one of these incredible commuter towns that will get you closer to the action without playing havoc on your bank account.

Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Residing just half an hour away from London by train and tube, the pretty town of Cheshunt is remarkably close to the big city. Season tickets for public transport cost £2,288, although you should always double check prices before applying as they can change. This may sound pricey but when you consider how much you’ll save on the cost of renting or buying, it’s definitely the cheaper option.

In fact, Hertfordshire, in general, is a great place to live if you’re thinking about commuting to London. Other areas you should consider are Waltham Cross, Broxbourne and Watford Junction as they are all less than a half an hour commute from London. House prices vary from an average of £384,248 to £416,680, depending on where you go.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

With an average commute time of 51 minutes and season ticket price of £8,000, Peterborough doesn’t sound like a great option compared to the above. However, it is actually a great commuter town as it is the affordable housing that makes Peterborough a winner. House prices are remarkably low compared to other parts of the country, with an average of £194,885.

Of course, one way of further cutting down on the cost of living is to rent from badi. We have a plethora of houses and flats close to London, whether that be in Peterborough or Hertfordshire.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

This town is remarkably close to London, taking just 30 minutes to commute via train and tube. An annual season ticket is affordable, costing around £3,668 as of 2019. The town itself is bustling and busy, with plenty to do in the surrounding areas.

With London so close by, you can expect the house prices to be a bit pricier in High Wycombe. The average cost of a house in this area is £331,092, but this is made up by the low season ticket price and easy accessibility to London.

Gravesend, Kent

Kent is a well known hot spot for commuters. It isn’t surprising considering that it only takes an average of 23 minutes to commute to London, so you’ll get all the perks of the bustling city centre without having to pay the real price.

House prices aren’t as cheap as Peterborough, but certainly not as high as High Wycombe or Hertfordshire. The average house costs £284,497 and a season ticket currently costs £3,616, making it a great option all round.

Whether you decide to take the plunge and move to London or opt for one of these commuter towns, badi takes the stress out of moving home. With the ability to browse available rooms and houses in an instant, you’ll find the perfect place for you in no time.