We have all been in a situation where we felt strapped for cash and needed a quick way to make some extra money. For some, that meant embarking upon harebrained schemes to make extra money fast, ending up trying to shift some newfangled technology tupperware or diet pills door to door or in this modern age, through Facebook ads.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to look for creative ways to make money, that the money earner is in your home as you speak and all you need to do is share it! As the saying goes, “sharing is caring” but it’s also an economy in its own right.

The Sharing Economy has grown in the last 10 years as technology has enabled people to provide shared services through online centralization which verifies the identity of the provider and the demander. Further rating systems can go even further to help build trust in a society that would have previously not wanted to risk lending or providing services to strangers. One of the best advantages of social media is our ability to make added income through the sharing economy.

So here our 3 ways to earn by sharing what you have from home:

1. Rent your spare room:

Applications like badi can provide a perfect tool to advertise your spare room by specifying what is on offer and the type of person you are looking to share with. It allows both the landlord and the lodger to personalize their profile increasing your chance to find the right fit.

2. Share your food:

Applications like Olio allow you to find a belly for that great dish you made. So whether you love cooking or simply just love eating good food then check out this service which helps to reduce food waste as well as provide a market for that food.

3. Carpool:

If you have a long drive back home, then get those spare car seats filled and save on petrol money with applications like Blablacar. Carpooling services allow you to put up a price that you feel is fair and often there is a demand and these seats get filled, meaning you save money on your trip and help to reduce carbon emissions.

So while you’re still sitting on your sofa, think about posting an ad for a service or alternatively use these services and save yourself a few bob!